1st time grow. Partial harvest?

It’s getting time to start thinking about harvest! I’m very excited! My girl has 6-8 main colas that have grown significantly higher than the rest of the buds on the plant. My question for you more experienced folks is if I should clip these tall buds and then readjust the light to finish off the plant, or just harvest the whole shebang. Any advice is appreciated.


No don’t cut any buds off…no man…tie over if ya have too but don’t top them unless you’re doing different harvest times for buds on same plant finishing at different times. Like top buds are cloudy but bottoms are still clear. That’s only when you cut em off plus you still got some time…


Very nice Pretty buds, Keep taking care of her. You Still got a few weeks to go.

You still have a little more time to go. White pistils still all over and two, the amber pistils haven’t been sucked into the flower. But she does look good.

Now my vision isn’t the best. This is when a $10 Jeweler Loupe off Amazon will take the guess work out if she is ready or not. At 60x magnification you can see the trichomes with ease. :+1:

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Very nice for a first grow, looks like you did your homework. I’d wait, too many white hairs still, probably a couple weeks more.

Will it hurt the plant to tie down the main colas this late in the process? I also have already picked up a jewelers loupe. Keeping an eye on those trichs. Should I base the height of the light off of the main colas or the lower buds to try to level it? I’m running a Mars Hydro Sp250. Thanks for the look!

I’ve bent over some colas that got too tall during late flowering, don’t break the stalk and it will be fine. Then you can lower the light to help the shorter tops get more light.

Bravo, what a gorgeous lady, pat yourself on the back she’s wonderful. What is she? I tied some down also, just do not get aggressive, I broke a few, but electrical tape cured her wounds.

Thanks Okie! It’s a Pineapple Express plant. I used to live in OKC. I moved away just before everything got fun. Would love to move back. Looks like I have some limbs to tie down tonight!

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Literally a dispensary on nearly every street and then more yet. At least in the other large city to the north east. :wink: