1st time grow looking for help

This my first time growing and I don’t feel the lights are doing there job there set about 30 cm away from plants i should probably also say that i have them in a 4×4 grow room i got from Amazon not sure if that was the way to go put water under the bridge any advice

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What light do you have specifically?

Unfortunately I do not know it came with tent kit and no instructions no manes on any of the products gave me circulation fan and filter light 2 pots and a humidity gage

Does it shine white light or is it a red/blue purple light?

It probably doesn’t matter, the components that prebuilt tent deals have are usually of lower quality especially off Amazon

It’s better to source the components yourself so you are probably right about your light not being up to snuff

A pic of the light could help in diagnosis

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It has both light witch brings me to my next question should they both be on

Yeah if it has a bloom and veg switch it’s probably a lower their light and yeah you should use both most likely as I’m betting overall power is low

Welcome to the community with a ton of information. Unfortunately I have zero experience growing indoors and apparently doing it wrong (guess I should say not doing the best) outdoors for years 🤷. What’s PH ? :rofl: I’m going to follow along as I am itching to start an indoor grow. Good luck, lots of these folks know their stuff.

Sorry not best pic

:::note to self ::: Don’t buy a kit off Amazon :white_check_mark:. My bad, I waked and baked :grin:… off to my garden now.


Oh it’s enough to tell
What you have is what we affectionately refer to as a blurple

There’s a support group here for buyers of blurples

This light might, might get you flowers but they will be low quality

You will want to upgrade your light as soon as you can afford to and we can help with suggestions for good lights


Sounds good whats light is the best to get right now

It depends on your grow space
How big is your tent?

Oh shit I see now it’s a 4x4

@dbrn32 can guide you to the best solution
You will need a bigger light if you want to fill that space

If you just want to grow 1or 2 plants in the center of your grow space you can get away with a smaller cheaper light

For example I have this in my 3x3 for 2 plants tho I could do more plants with it…

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You could do this for a smaller footprint

Lighting up a 4x4 is easy. There are dozens of great options.

Do you have a budget?

Also, will this be used for Veg and flower or just flower?

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This is important. Typical led fixtures i would recommend for a 4x4 tent are going to start around $700 and could be as much as $1500 or more. Or go with multiple smaller fixtures.