1st time grow… is this fungus or nute issue?

I’ve got 2 auto flowers going in an aeogarden and also started 2 gold leaf in there as well to be transplanted outside in 5 gals next week when my ffoc soil arrives (planning on mixing it into reg potting soil to prevent burn). But now I’ve noticed some yellowing in the veins and light yellow spotting. Not on every leaf. Is this a nutrient deficiency/overdose or is this a fungal issue? I have mycorrhizae granules if good fungus counteracts bad fungus, I just didn’t know about their use in hydroponic systems… PH is about 6.1 and PPM is about 1500. Thanks for any insight! Happy growing!

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It’s normal for the bottom leaves to develop blemishes, yellow, and eventually fall off.


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Looking good.


I use FFOF straight, start to finish. Do 3 scoops soil to one scoop perlite. You shouldnt have any issue transplanting into OF without cutting it with an inert medium.
If anything consider layering the pot. Stronger soil at the bottom lighter soil at the top. Lots do FFHF at the top, FFOF in the middle and FFSF at the bottom (20% perlite added to FFSF for drainage.)

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Thanks for the tips! I’ll try it out. I’ve got perlite and vermiculite coming Saturday! I’m also growing veggies and flowers and what not. Trying to replace some lawn with red creeping thyme bc it doesn’t need to be mowed, you can walk on it once established and might counteract some ganja smell with lemony mint. My neighbors are like lawn police so they might not like me for that but whatever. Bring on eco diversity :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’m super stoked!

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Good to know!

Ive not used verm at all growing weed yet but its great at holding water! Used it as about 50% of the total volume of substrate for mushroom propigation.

How did the aeropot do for starting them?

They did great! Definitely don’t recommend keeping this many plants in there though! Roots are long and healthy. I need my soil to get here so I can get the gold leaf outside. I just added extra lights to help hit the sides more. They’re already competing for light. Also trying out low stress training on the autos.l for higher yeild and keep them shorter. They are 21 days old from being put in a glass of water for germination. I had one auto sour diesel not germinate so that plant is a couple days behind since I had to do over. One gold leaf is a third bigger than the other gold leaf under identical conditions so I don’t understand that. But they seem good. I was concerned about the yellowing bc it just started showing up. Glad it is not anything to worry about at this point!

The only way to have identical plants is through cloning. Starting from seed is a crapshoot as far as phenotype. Some companies have been breeding particular strains for a long time and you will see more consistancy but still varied.

What you have isnt really yellowing, and you arent far enough along for the lower leaves to turn. (I.M.E) Usually happens when flowering begins. See pics bellow.

Those speckles in your photo look more like leaf age to me. You can tell its old from size and finger count. The leaf in your first photo isnt even a true leaf.

Odd to have to wait on soil, there is like 4 different places within 5 miles of me that sell FFOF. Why the long wait, do you live in BFE?

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Fair point on the size difference between the Gold Leaf. I’m not getting into cloning yet these were definitely seeds.

I usually get supplies at places like Lowes or Home Depot. They were both out of stock for curbside. I probably could have checked out some nurseries, but I just ordered it from HD. It was easier than driving all over with a toddler. The FFOF should be here tomorrow and the perl/verm should be here Saturday. So they’ll be transplanted by Sunday at the latest.

I’m glad everyone seems to agree that they’re on the right track for now! Yay! Thanks for the help :smile_cat:

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Anytime! This is for sure the place to come when your not sure. Welcome to the boards. Keep us updated…

I noticed this this morning. Very bottom leaves yellowing on my Gold Leaf photos. The tops of the plants look great. I’m thinking just older leaves and I should trim them off. What do you think.