1st Time Grow, Here Goes Nothing

Sounds like a plan to me, thank you!

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She’ll keep growin that way, too. It’s gonna be a joy to watch. Yours is technically a tetraploid.

Here’s Tony this AM, my polyploid - well, triploid to be exact.


I didnt realise that! Very awesome

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Alright end of week 1 update time, The drooping issue seemed to resolve itself by the following morning. Havent done a watering since then, just 2 sprays in the humidity domes with ph’d water.
Plant#3 still looks odd to me, but it could just be weird grower, the Mutant has been pretty slow growing the last few days, I imagine it’s trying to establish some good roots. Plant#1 has been coasting along, noticeable growth each day. Not too sure on the color of any of these tbh, not too concerned since I know the tendency for new growers is to stress the small stuff. If you notice anything out of wack, etc your input would be greatly appreciated. All plants have been in the dirt 7 days as of today.





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