1st Time Grow, Here Goes Nothing

I am not so fortunate. Mine is a one way filter. It is about 4 years old and still working :grin: It will get replaced with the same even though the cost has went way up.


@Sitro The main thing about growing is patients and to be humble these friend’s that are helping you will help you grow some of the best you’ve ever smoked on and you was the grower happy growing my friend

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I was unable to respond due to being limited to the number of replies I have since my account is new I guess haha. So all 3 seeds were transferred to a wet paper towel and placed in a warm dark place yesterday, today the seeds have tails all 1/4 inch long or more, how long do you recommend the tails be before placing them in soil? I see anywhere from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch

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Also, should I go ahead and give 1/4 of the amount recommended for seedling of fox farms bush doctor wholly mackerel? Based on what I’ve read on this forum, Happy Frog should be enough to keep me from feeding for 5-6 weeks, but I already have the mackerel and saw it on the recommended feeding schedule from fox farm. Figured I’d ask before I added that to it.

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Thanks for the tag @Not2SureYet ! I’ll help you out however I can @Sitro. Good luck with your first grow! You will do just fine. It does look like @Graysin has you covered so just holler if you need me.


Seeds made it to 1/2 inch taproots, so I went ahead got the soil damp, lowered the light to 18 inches above the pots at 40% power (what the manufacturer recommends), placed humidity domes over where the seeds were planted after spraying the inside of the domes with 6.5ph water. I guess now we play the waiting game. Also side note, are the humidity domes necessary/recommended if I have a humidifier that can keep the humidity inside the tent at around 84-90% at 76 degrees?

I appreciate it!


I would. Your tent is going to breath into your lung room, you don’t want its humidity to go up, leads to mold and mildew in things in the room. Keep it simple!
Good luck growmie! :+1:


Thats not guranteed. A beter metric of when to feed is when runoff tds is bellow 1000ppm

If you are still in germ/ seedling phase might not want to put anything in until first true leaves appear.


If you have a humidifier. You don’t want the domes. The reason is the plants will not be able to breath. I set my humidifier at 75% for the first few days. Then drop it to 60% till they are ready to leave the veg tent. Sorry @Spudgunner No disrespect meant there. I have to disagree here. And I am no expert, but I lost my mojo for close to a year with starting seedlings. It was super easy till I started changing things and didn’t document any thing for the seedlings. It was the domes that stopped all my growth. If I use them. it is never for more than 2 days when in my closet. In the tent I run no domes. I have low humidity during the day. And high at night. So the domes were off in the evenings even when I used a dome. I let my temps run what they want with a 61 degree minimum. Having a dome on defeats the purpose of the humidifier.
I have all the vents off in my veg tent and the humidifier on in my 2x4 when doing seedlings. It will take a few grows and you will find what works best for your style of growing.

This little one started off with what ever the temp and humidity was in the tent with it having a fan pulling air from the tent. No help. She had to deal with what ever was there. :laughing:
Having the humidifier changes every thing for me. I haven’t used a dome in years.

Day 2

4 days later

This is just my O2. I keep things as simple as I can also. it is a fight since I like the seedling stage and am always dropping seeds :grin:


And none taken! I’ve lived in humid climates for the last 40 years, and fought mold and mildew in storage rooms and attics and garages. So I am a little biased in my opinions when it comes to adding additional humidity inside houses.


@Spudgunner @Not2SureYet
Thank you both for the input, I really do appreciate it!
So I what I’ve decided to do, since I probably wont have enough room for 3 plants once they start getting some size(assuming I dont kill them), is use a dome on 1, then no dome on the other 2 with the humidifier on to see how it goes. I’m not too concerned about the mold possibility due to the inside of my house averaging around 40ish percent, and the air will be fed into the main hallway of my house which has a very large exhaust vent for the air conditioner. Right now Im just trying to monitor the temp and humidity levels inside the tent, currently at 78 F, and 85% humidity.


Makes sense, I didnt think about the fact that I have a tds meter for that reason :rofl: I was specifically referring to seedling/germ, since that is where I currently am at. I kinda figured the part of my brain questioning whether to add those nutes was the part of me being overly paranoid about them since its my first time haha. Nothing has been added and Im currently just waiting to see if/when they will sprout. Also, thank you for the input, it’s nice having knowledgeable people during this!


You are most welcome. The best part about this place is the number of skilled growers that eagerly dispense that knowledge. You cant help but hit a pro if you throw a rock up in here!


Alrighty, so I have my first sign of green!

This little one was spotted when I checked after 24 hours to the dot of being placed in the soil. I checked on them one last time for the evening and it looks like #2 decided to make an appearance

So far the two that have had a humidity dome have poked their heads up, however to be fair they both were the ones that seemed to show their taproots the quickest and are most ready to start living. Will check the 3rd in the morning to see if it decides to show itself. Ive been doing my best to give a light misting to keep the top soil around the domes damp. To avoid overwatering I have only done so twice today, first thing in the morning and once in the evening. Anyways heres the update, Ill also post pics of the tent and which ph meter Im using since I just realized I still have not done that

If anything looks office feel free to let me know please! Also, the Blue mat was a heating pad I was using on low setting while letting the seeds germ in a wet paper towel to ensure that had a touch of warmth


Your gonna hate that ph meter. Get yourself a bottle of 7.0ph calibration fluid. Your gonna need it.
I didnt see a tds meter. Feel free to get a cheap one.


@Docnraq Sorry, Forgot the picture of the tds meter, its pretty cheap too. Ill Include it below. And yeah People said I’d probably need a better ph meter so I’ll order one today, to avoid future issues.

So I checked on the the girls this morning, and looks like #3 decided to make an appearance which is exciting! #3 does look like its growing at an angle, Im not sure if the picture really shows that or not. Also, #! and #2 gained a little height overnight, however their leaves are no longer flat, they have curved, is this normal? Pictures of them below.



#1, also Looks like the shell is holding on for dear life underneath her leaves, should I try to remove that or let her figure it out?


Either or, depends on how steady your hand is. If your, nimble go for it. Its usually helmet head involves the poor lady not being able to get her leaves unfurrled and a membrane under that shell. After a while its less nerve wracking to remove them.

She will straighten up or, when she is old enough, you can force her into position.

Been using that same model for almost 2 years now. Its the one tool that CAN be cheap and still be good.

Its true. I went through two of those before I figured it out. The model reccomended most here on the boards is an apera-ph20. Wont lie, it seems steep on the price till you get it. Ph meter is the 2nd most important piece of equipment you will use to grow with. Spend the money. I went with an apera ph 60. Havent had to calibrate it since the first time or replace the battery in 19 months. That one will work in the meantime if you need to save for a lil bit.

Not entirely uncommon, keep the humidity in there around 65% as best you can.

Watch them over the course of the next few days, if they get more then a couple inches tall turn your light up 5%. They will reach for the light until its bright enough (or die trying) once they find it they will widen vs stretch. Your tent will only support one of your ladies. Its pretty small.
Happy growing friend. Im gonna tag you in my first couple journals, they are detailed and I ask alot of questions that get great answers. If you got questions, feel free to ask.


The only thing I could add here is if you try to remove the shell. It is pretty easy. make sure to mist the seedling with water. And wait a minute or 2 and then try to gently remove it. if it still seems stuck. Another misting till it slides off easy. I bought a pack of tweezers from harbor freight. One is curved with a point and works perfect for this. They are cheap. So it was easy to pull it apart to make 2 tools from it. I have to remove at least one shell on each grow. I don’t think the coco gives enough friction to pull the shells off easy.


@Docnraq thank you so much for input, I germ’ed 3 before realizing i didnt have enough room, so Ill see which one ends up being a keeper and eventually remove the other 2 unless i manage to kill them haha

@Not2SureYet That sounds like a plan to me haha, time to find my tweezers!

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Its the same in soil also.

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Random late night thought popped into my head, how long till I should turn my oscillating fan and exhaust fan on? I know when the oscillating fan starts being used, not to point it directly at the plants

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