1st time Grow. Auto Blueberry issue

Hey guys

Got these Blueberry Auto seeds from ILGM. Day 16 from seed. Everything has been going great except I noticed these spots on the lower leaves a few days ago. I’m thinking it’s a fungal infection. Any input wud be appreciated. Thanks!

*Growing 1 Blueberry Autoflower
*Aerogarden Bounty w/ 45w Led + additional LED lighting.(I haven’t added the extra light yet though.)
*Air pump w/ Airstone
*30" x 18" x 36" Vivosun Tent
*4" Fan constantly blowing hot air out and pulling cold air in.
*Humidity between 55 and 40 percent.
*Ambient temp between 65 and 74 degrees
*Water temp between 65 and 74 degrees.
*PH has been kept between 5.8 and 6.5.
*Lights kept 6" above plant and on 20 hours, off 4.
*Fed G.H nute trio 200 PPM Day 0, then on day 10 from seed(day 7 after germination) dumped out water and replaced with GH nute trio 390 PPM.
*Suspected a nute defianciency at first and because I don’t have cal mag yet(had to order online.) I upped the nutes to 450 PPM.

74F is too high. Am assuming DWC

This is too high for hydro.

How far below net pot is rez level?

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Ok I’ve been trying to get the temp down. I’ve raised up the light, which should cool it down a bit. What temp do you suggest?

I thought 5.5 to 6.5 ph was good. What do you do?

I’m using an Aerogarden with an airstone. The grow pods are about 3" long and the water is about 2" below the top of the grow pod

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You need to keep water temp below 70F if possible. PH should be 5.3 to 5.8 in hydro.

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If you already have air stone, you should be able to get setup with a 5 gallon bucket dwc system for next to nothing. Maybe even go bigger and use a storage tote. Your ag will be packed full of roots in no time if plant stays healthy. Won’t leave you much room for solution, and your ppm, ph, and solution temps will be all over the place.


Ok thanks for the info. I will try that out. Any thoughts on the spots on the leaves?

Yeah I figured I would try out a grow and if it went good then upgrade. So far I am enjoying it so I think I’m definately going to do that. Probably get a tote or two and a bigger light. Possibly a bigger tent as well. But in the mean time, any thoughts on the spots on the leaves?

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My best guess is ph swings.