1st time fimming


G’day everyone I’ve only just heard about fimming so I decided to give it a go please let me know it i did it right??!!



@Caosred can you repost those pics, one per post so we can use the site zoom to look at them? Hard to say until we can get a better look!



I never knew if I Fimmed a plant correctly until it started growing back, I’ve now gotten one 4 cola split in a fim which I’m proud of :muscle: and one 3 cola split, but 9 times out of ten it grows back like It never even got topped.
I’ve heard of some crazy stories of people getting 5 and 6 colas if not more!




The first pic is too fuzzy for me to tell. The second pic looks good, but give it a few days and post another set of pics, like @TDubWilly said it’s hard to tell till they start growing back out again.


Ok :ok_hand: cheers :beers: appreciate it


Thanks man I’ll post more pics when it’s grown more k?


Hay man heres the fimming plant :seedling: i did what you reckon?Uploading…


Here ya go


You know, it’s still hard to tell, but it still looks like it has one main…

Which thats ok because fimming is still an art to me. They say to leave the last ten percent of the shoot, I know I have left basically the same amount (as much as the eye can tell) on two different plants and one continued with a single main, the other split into 4. Was it a mere couple percentage points difference in cut length that separated the results?? I really don’t know.

For me, this is what I do know…topping, is consistent. I’ve gotten a couple lucky FIMs it seems like but for the most part, it seems like it usually fails, which results in me spending more time in veg and having to wait longer to train, which has inevitably led me to just pursue topping over fimming…

Although it is cool when you see it break off into four mains from a single node


this pic might help you see better it has heaps of branches on her