1st time ever growing, any feedback?


I’m on day 8, any suggestions based on the pictures provided?

I’m in a 2x2x48 tent with a Viparspectra 450w LED, light is 19” from the top of the plant.

Keeping RH at around 60% and temps around 70 to 75 degrees (sometimes it drops into the high 60’s

Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil and water PH’d to 6.5


Ocean Forest really too hot for autoflowers. I use it for them, but I use my depleted soil and add worm castings. I put enough of it around the seedling that it will grow into the Ocean Forest. I see splotches on the leaves.


I saw the splotches on the leaves, that’s what led me to join and post. I just lowered the light yesterday and I’m wondering if it was burning the leaves… going to raise a few inches tonight and see if it goes away.


Watch them. Soil is really too hot for babies.


Also, are you misting? maybe it burn from the mist? Also led… keep them higher for now… 24" - 36" and see how they react. this will force some height as well


I was misting up till about 2 days ago and switched to a watering can. I am attaching a pick from this morning at 6am (left) and tonight at 6pm (right) looks like raising the light back up is helping it recover. The light is at 26” from the soil.


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LED can sometimes burn. I would try 36" if you see it happening again. They are young and can stretch a bit


That’s not LED burn. That I’m sure of. My lights are very powerful and will turn the top of a plant white. The
Amazon lights at 18" aren’t going to hurt the plant. This is some kind of deficiency I’m pretty sure.



Looking a little better after raising the light, going to keep a close eye for the next few days, I’m at day 10 and I feel it should be a little bigger at this point also

This is from this morning


At this point in the grow the roots are starting to develop. So that is why they seem like they are not growing. In a few days you should see them getting bigger.


Im a newbie too, and only grown 1 plant, but my AK did something very similar in FFOF at first. I think its just the hot soil.


Good to know, I feel lost not knowing if I need to address any issues or if things are going as they should.


Starting to see the veins of the upper left leaf, thinking I could be under watering…?


yeah that looks almost identical to mine when it started doing weird shit and mutating as a seedling.
Here are some pictures of it:

However she turned into this:

and is now close to harvest.


Had a lot of growth in the last week or so, any suggestions at this stage? Should I trim? Any suggestions are welcome at this point.



You up for trying some lst on her?


I think so, gotta do some reading, but I think I’ll give it a try. Day 21


If you bend her over, gently, then spread her branches out, you’ll really improve light penetration & yield.