1st time doing journal

I had 2 seeds drop tails so got them in dirt last Thursday and yesterday 6- 8 one poked up thru soil and this morning 6-9 the other one popped up. For now they are in dirt and as soon as I see they have good roots started I’ll transfer to 5 gal buckets. Here’s what they look like right now they will be under fluorescent light for 1st few days .

I forgot to move from under light


Awh babies!!! Congrats!!


What strain?

These are seeds I had saved from some regular smoke I had liked . I grow clones for my husband right now master kush, New York Diesal, gg4, cheese, sherbet glue and gold leaf for him. Don’t know why but I can only smoke regular weed cause other makes bumps inside my upper lip sometimes lower also. I did see that ILGM has 3 or 4 strains of regular seeds so if this grow goes good I’m ordering some

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Regular seeds means u get boys and girls as opposed to feminized seeds. I think u mean u like lower thc class weed. If thats the case id look into cbd heavy strains as opposed to ‘mexi-brick-ditch’. Better quality. Or try some mod thc level bud. Think WW

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I like the master kush and gold leaf etc it just messes up my lip. Someone told me to try Northern lights and you’re right I don’t want males. The 2 I’m starting will soon go way out back at end of garden because my husband just likes to watch them. If I order regular seeds from Bergman are they feminized?

Nope. Pick the feminized ones if you want all ladies. And Northern Lights is an excellent suggestion. Ive never tried Goldleaf but its on my todo list.

I looked and found Bergman’s feminized seed that was highly sativa dominant and high in cbd or whatever maybe cbl I’m not familiar with that and1 was northern lights. Thanks for keeping me from wasting money on regular seeds. Also I remember seeing that if I don’t wait for pistils to turn dark 70 to 90 % harvest about 50 to 70 % that it would be that energetic not couch lock high. Happy growing!

Yes the trichomes the longer you wait the more couch lock you shall receive lol. Just don’t want to wait to long. But you are on the right track. There is a pic floating around here that describes this well if I find it I will post it here for ya.

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@Amazon66 I found it.

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JBum has it! Get you a jeweler’s loupe or a usb scope off amazon because those little things are TINY. But follow that chart around week 7-9 of flower. U want the cloudy, not amber.

And no problem on the saving money deal. Seed stocking gets expensive (especially after ur first grow, wait n see!). But sativa’s are the more energetic of the two (indica being the couchlock) NORMALLY. Also thc is the psychoactive ingredient in pot, cbd is the more… medical one. High cbd strains usually are for people looking for pain relief, anxiety issues, cancer patients, etc etc. not to say its only for them. High cbd strains help relax n keep you chill.

The bump on the lip thing maybe the more of how u partook? Like cigarillo/joint paper brand or something like that. May have been the terps (gives diff weeds, diff smells n flavors) like was it the citrusy weed bothered u? Or maybe piney weed? Possibly fruity flavors?

Loads of possibilities. Its truly endless and intimidating sometimes. But just ask away and the great people around here will do anything we can to help. Sorry bout the info overload. Just food for thought. :wink:

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I think I’ll shoot for 50 to 70 %with a sativa dominant plant and I found some from ILGM that also have high cbc levels thanks for looking that up

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What affect will I get from cbd? It has no thc? That would be a problem Ha ha .I used orange zigzag but switched to the thinner hemp papers when they came out and both bothered me. Thanks for your help and I find it helps to use clip and not get so close to lip, whatever it is it hasn’t stopped me yet LOL. I have the 2 whatever seeds that came up to practice learning ph ppm and all that if I kill them I can plant more.

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Cbd isnt the ‘high’ people chase. Not to say it isnt effective. Just not ur regular weed :joy:. More sedating/nausea control/pain relief/anxiety relief/seizure reduction type of weed. And alot of cbd strains arent 0 in thc. Not even sure if thats possible. I have some Harliqueen coming. Supposedly 5:2 cbd:thc. Like 16% cbd i believe.

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I’m looking for an energetic high for the day and then a little toward couch lock at bed time. Being retired I try to keep motivated and doing something or I would just smoke all day. That’s why I’m enjoying learning all I can and want to have a good grow by doing it right ,I’m going to try the Northen lights, gold leaf and one of the strawberry ones. First I’ve got 2 seedlings from seeds a friend gave me and they are ready to transplant. I have a ph digital meter and going to learn to calibrate it so I can get that down then 4th grow seeds from ILGM. Thanks for your info

Outstanding idea. Most ‘hazes’ are pretty good day smoke. Hopefully thats the strawberry. NL is also a great day buzz, it WILL kick ur butt if heavily consumed. Now GL, thats a stoner’s nyquil i havent tried but look forward to one day.

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