1st time ,and not off to a bad start if I say so myself

I first dropped them in water 8/12/2021 they didn’t pop for like week

After a few weeks
2 weeks later

Days later

Last week

last night

Thats this morning after upgrade in pot size now should be a good time to say that I am growing fire og og and Skywalker og hoping :pray: that I’m going to be okay


They look good, keep water off your leaves. Also why are the pots like half full? Should always get close to the top. Otherwise you are wasting floor space when you could of just stayed with a smaller pot to begin with. Once it bushes out it’s going to complicate watering.



Looking good!

Agreed. Next time; Fill those buckets to the top with soil. My soil level has dropped 4-5 inches from the top of the buckets. I left about a 2 inch gap, I won’t do that again. I already have roots growing out the bottom of my buckets.


what size tent are you using?

3by3 tent off Amazon

They look very good and healthy. Happy growing

Also like low said keep water off leaves

Should I retransplant them and add more dirt

I’d say wait. You can fill it more once they have stretched out a little. Cannabis can grow roots from anywhere along its stem. So let them grow out, trim a little growth off the bottom, fill with more medium.

Alternatively if you are going to move to a bigger pot, wait a week or so for the plants to develop, especially the roots, then transplant to a bigger pot keeping in mind the fill lesson.

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Thanks for all the good tips

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