1st.Store Bought Seeds

Update on grow…WWA#3 got nibbled last night, not bad but must be dealt with. Greenhouse has filled in.

Standing room only!
All 3 AUTOs are killing it.

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Any advice on finding a 60x jewelry lob? What is the harm of harvest at 90%pistol browning?

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The pistils are an indicator of when to start checking trichs. It’s kinda like chicken. It looks done but you stick a thermometer in the middle and it’s only 145*. Can’t believe I just compared weed to chicken.

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Chicken weed!!!

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Trimmed a few fan leaves and fimmed the back right GL@ 7Ft. Peak 8.5ft

WWA@25" & 12wks is on water diet.
WWA@34" & 8wks surpassed big sister and getting very girlish .
WWA@40" & 8wks has barely started noticing boys!

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I tried to do all this together…that’s where I’m at with this stuff.

This is the WWA @12wks.
4x is the best I got.


My greenhouse is filled to the gills


Need trimming advice. This happened with my bag seeds…I know they will top but.

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Good luck! You got a lot.

What ended up happening? They really filled your space lol

Sorry, not much of a story teller. I have harvested my 3 WWA’s,enjoying that! The greenhouse is going Great Guns. Super Cropping and Lollipoped the understory. I will post more pictures. Thank you for your interest.

Time to post some pictures of greenhouse jungle!

So this feeding time.


It sure is full lol. I’d be stoked to check them every morning lol

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Yes I do. The step ladder works for getting me up to super crop at 8ft. Ran cording to keep them off windows…moisture.

Long time…Harvest is in! Aphids and mold took some,maybe 5%. Learned Alot from you guys.

Got clip on phone scope I like. Drying and curing now. Favorite so far is the Gold Leaf. Send more soon.



Congrats on a job well done :slight_smile:

Thx. I have 6 hanging in old fieldstone millhouse that I blacked out windows. It’s been 10 days…not ready yet.