1st Solo Grow: Fake it til you make it

Clones are in cups. 8/9 had rooted well withing a week!


Shes filling out, still a few mains stretching that aren’t as developed as far as bud growth but the others are growing away. Starting to get some nice sugar on the leaves


Day 35 of flower: Shes still chugging along

And the babies!



Realized today that I incorrectly started the flowering time from when I switched the light cycle instead of when she started sprouting hairs so were actually at day 24 of flower.

Makes me feel a little better for the still stretching and how small the buds still are, and so we continue learning. Bending a few more of the new shoots as were only about 7 inches from the light, definitely training much shorter next time!

Had to bend a few down today as they were starting to show heat stress from being too close but such is life. Planning another solid defoilation soon to open all the budsites up. What is everyone’s take on defoilation process?

Clones are doing good, still unsure how many and what I plan on doing with them. Kinda wanted to pop one of the sour lemon seeds I have from humboldt and try to scrog that with one of these…or just torture one of these and grow it even bigger (but shorter)

Recovered mostly from the supercrop and continuing to throw buds on now that the new growth subsided. Not the prettiest but more light stress is averted for now.

Day 31 (since pistils) or 43 (since 13/11) of flower. I will be using the trics to judge but thinking another 4 weeks or so til harvest

And went down to 5 of the strongest clones. May give a few to friends but planning on letting them fill a trellis once this plant is done.


Day 49 since light switch and 37 since pistils. Light stress definitely put a halt on things, I ziptied it to the top bar to get 12" in between but were beyond maxed… Buds are foxtailing and new growth is so slow to develop but going to ride it out.

But dropped 2 HSO OG geist x sour lemon seeds in water and going to start torture the clones while I wait for the tent to open back up.


Figured out a small light leak was another issue on later growth. Corrected it and everything is running its course again. We live and we learn, right?

The clones had to get moved to a warmer room but are chugging. The sour lemon’s again failed so may grab a couple seeds. I’m really enjoying this wedding cake Iive been smoking lately so we’ll see.

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Acquired a 55 gallon plastic drum, going to start working up an irrigation system so I can not mix nutrients every day and have to wake up at 5 every morning to feed.

Funds are low but bough some single seeds that should be on their way. Wedding cake, dos si dos 33, and Gelato Mango

Got Temps down to 72 w light on and 65 off and humidity around 46%. Foxtails are now starting to unravel and shoot into normal looking buds. Hoping the growth catches up without losing too much yield but still thinking another 3 weeks or so before shes close.

I gave a couple clones to my friends and emptied and cleaned the small tent. Have a couple more seeds coming for next round

Planning on 4 plants next grow and finishing in 10 gallons.

mimosa evo, gorilla zkittles, wedding cake, and dos si dos 33 on their way!!

Let loose on most of the hold downs and letting her finish. Half the plant will be coming down in the next week with the rest finishing off

Day 1 and 7 of drying for the first round of cuts. Letting the branches that were affected by the light leak finish up. Should be a good 2-3 weeks behind but they’re bulking up fast.

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Curing the original cuts now. Ended up with a little more than 5 oz of good stuff and have 2 oz of trim and buds for hash. Dried at 60 and 60 for 7 days before trim and then gave one more day before putting in jars but getting better each day.

The plant was bulking up quick but I ended up cutting her early and ill be using that for edibles for Xmas gifts. Learned a lot and still successful in my eyes.

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Congrats! Quite the successful harvest!

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