1st Solo Grow: Fake it til you make it

Try using one of these!

@scylents One is surely better than none. She is recovering well for day one and is already starting to fill out.

@OlyBoy98503 I thought about doing something like that but she’s way too thick at this point, netting may be necessary once the buds start forming so may order a couple to have just in case

Here is a picture of her on the first of this month (8/1)

Here she is just after today’s feeding


Proper veg explosion!

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Day 10 of flower, day 60 since she popped out of the coco.

Starting to recover from the supercropping although it definitely cut the stretching down for a few days. Dehumidifier is on 24/7 at this point.

Daytime Temps: 74-78. With Rh between 38-52%
Nighttime: 69-72, same humidity.
13 on/ 11 off

Starting to see some more white hairs and just keeping her even and tucking leaves to keep light penetrating until day 21 defoilation.

A few mains are going crazy with these extra leaves too, ever see any 10 or 11 pts?

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Lights on. Pulled the light up another inch


Stretch city!!

Do you have a defoliation approach?

Those extra leaves you refer to are pretty crazy looking! Some pretty giant solar panels. I mean I’m new, so I haven’t seen a lot, but those I have never seen like that…

Im planning on giving a really healthy defoilation on the 21st and 42nd day of flower (as per friends orders) they told me to stress the plant out as little as possible early flower (so of course I supercropped it haha). But ill probably get anxious and do it a little earlier just to get bud sights some extra time in the light.

I essentially stretched this plant to fill 3x3 of space so bud weight may be an issue on stems. Planning on boosting my dose of silica a little to help support once the stretch calms down.

Here is the root system off my male, I’d say all the rapidstart is doing its job

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Yea I’m at 42 days today actually. I’m gonna look at the triches tonight and see if they’re even starting to cloud up. I would like to see a bit of cloud before I do the second round of defol.

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Woke up to her praying before lights go out. Sprouting more white hairs and chugging along.

Happy labor day weekend everyone!


The stretch is real. Upped the silica intake a touch on them to help toughen the stems up a little. Light is coming up about 2 inches a day.


Thinned her out a touch, cleaning up bottom shoots tomorrow and trying my hand at some clones.

May supercrop once more to even out canopy a little more.

I went a tad crazy but humidity is down to 40% with ease and everything is seeing light now


24 hrs later. I did quickly bend a few last night and they’re all up again so gonna check on them and maybe start pulling from edges as well to let them get as much light as possible.

Tried a quick attempt at clones, I know nothing on this so let a friend come help and check out the plant. Interested to see how they do


She’s looking good! Great job thinning those leaves out! I can’t wait to see how the clones do.


I second that! Well done!

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I’m excited too. this morning looking happy as can be

Day 21 Flower:
Filling out a little more. Stopped bending and messing with the plant and just using LST to give mains their space.

Gently increasing ppms and adjusted ph from 5.8 to 6.2 this week. Every top is starting to look like a cotton ball now.

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Flower day 24

3/4 of the branches are all cottonballs with a few still developing.

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