1st Solo Grow: Fake it til you make it

All of the ODH are cups under the original light. GGSL still in limbo. Was checking out the GSC seed but I slightly cracked part of the shell so might have lost her.

The first two ODH are out of the coco and starting on their first real leaves. Planning on giving them a ~350 ec feeding of GH with some calimagic either tonight or tomorrow.

The third ODH and first GGSL should be poking up in the next 24 hours. I tossed my bag seeds and started soaking a few more GGSL to see if I just had a few stubborn ones but have 2 seeds at 6 days germ and 3 at 3 days.

New Light came in. This thing really kicks out some intensity compared to the Amazon bluple one. Much easier to look at plants in a closer to true light but it blows out the sensor on my camera close up so ill try my best here

I was talking to my friend and he told me to kick my lights over to 24/0 for the next week until it had about 3 nodes and keep giving her just RO and foliar spray with calmag so I’m following his regiment on that and giving them 2-3 light mists a day for watering.




SL#1. This ones starting off a little funny


Update: woke up Sunday to the ziplocks blown off of ODH1 and ODH2, both cups dry and plant laying on its side :cry:. Quickly watered and set up little stands to hold them up. Also realized the light was slowly too close at 19" as it burnt the leaves a little but new growth is looking healthy. I went low on the light as the first 2 stretched a lot under the blurple light.

ODH#3 has popped up nicely and membrane popped off earlier with leaves about to open.

SL is just starting to form first real leaves and looks better everyday despite looking funny and having the membrane stick early on.

5/6 SL seeds still haven’t cracked yet. Because of the mishap on the first two seedlings I soaked a couple more ODH seeds and they both had tails in an day so im guessing dud seeds. How long do you guys typically give seeds before you call it quits?

I had a fun day harvesting my buddies plants today so going to keep trucking with my babies and learning from my mistakes.

LA Ultra and White Rhino. Sorry for led lighting


Been a little slower over here and still messing up and learning left and right. I lost ODH2 this week and am holding onto ODH1 just to see if I can bring her back but between the stretch under the blurple, the bags blowing off, and me not being careful while spraying and leaving some water on the leaves they’ve seen better days.

I noticed slow growth so raised the light a little to ease up on them and being careful not to overwater this time i started using the amount and watered twice a day. Between raising the light up to 30" and lowering the temp down to about 74 from 78 I’ve noticed them start to pick up a little.

ODH1 limping along

ODH3 opening the cotyledons and leave growth really took off all in the last 24 hrs

SL been open for a while, have been waiting for leaves for the past few days but she’s taking her time

ODH4 and ODH5 ready to pop up in the next couple days

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Started new grow for those that were watching. 2nd try on a couple bag seeds. Definitely having a better time this round


Awesome start! Welcome back.

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Here we are today. Seedlings popped out of coco on 4th of July and have been getting GH flora series expert line from the get.

Had a mishap on the one plant where I snapped the tops off by mistake and have been pruning it to catch up to the other. So far my bustier plant has been topped 4 times and the other plant 3 times and supercropped some of the longer growth today. Have been aggressively trimming bottom growth to build mains up.

Giving them another week or so to even out and switching them over to flower before they get too big for my tent


Looking nice!! How big is too big?? Looks like you tons of vertical space for the stretch, and I see room on the sides… but maybe that’s my love for bud porn shining through… :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’re probably right, I’ve been a little wary on doing g too much bending and such until lately since they shot up so fast. Should I just keep letting her veg for a few more weeks and keep bending them back?

I have 48" to top of tent. So realistically I have 30" of vertical growth before my light is too close

Tied them up and spread them out a little. Going to take advice and let them fill up the space a little more before I switch them over


They are blowing up, still been giving a daily heavy feeding about 1 hour before lights go off and about to start feeding twice a day.

Im still considering flipping them over to flower within the next few days, I really don’t want to have to be cutting it close on space on the end so ill sacrifice a little bit of bud space


Well they look bushier than they did, they have definitely spread out! You’ll have a lot of nice flower!!


Starting day 2 of Flower. Gave her a full 16 he’s dark and adjusted them to 13/11 while starting to transition them to bloom nutrients (still following gh Flora line chart).

Last night

Lights on today


@abubika345 your grow looks great , I started my grow on July 1 and will be switch to 12/12 on Sept 1. Good luck with your grow.


Man I think you sized them perfectly!

They’ll stretch like hell… I bet that light will need to be raised.

But they look really good man!!


I appreciate it, they are looking happy so just trying to keep them there. Light has been coming up a 1/2" every few days and making sure I keep it atleast 15" away for now.

They’re supposed to be bubblegum kush seeds, so im expected them to stretch like crazy so let’s see what happens!


Raised the lights 3" since last update. Still growing like a champ although the original plant I messed up is growing about 2-3" higher than the other one.

Anxiously awaiting day 21 of flower so I can give them a much needed haircut. May try my hand at a few clones while I’m at it.


Sad day as I found that my smaller bushier plant was a male. He’s outta there. Since the known female is stretching beyond belief and I had to raise the light 2 inches I just stretched her way out and supercropped a few tips. Let’s see how she does.

Playing around with the idea of trellis for them but still unsure.


Hey man, sorry for the loss!! In the end that extra week of stretch will pay off tho!!