1st shot at mainlining/fluxing

i think so yeah …part of me hopes i wont need it the other part of me has it dug out and waiting

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A couple shot just after big defol of the beast

And a couple of the other 9 occupying the same size area as the beast



With a net that had to of be tough and very time consuming, I know how it is without a net, I can pickup my plants and put them on a table to work on them.
They look great :+1:

Yeah it was a bit of a chore with the net especially this particular plant has real tight leaf and node spacing so it was quite frustrating really to get it to this point ,but its over and done with now just sit back and stack I hope!

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Update shots



An impressive canopy on the solo girl.
With the nine, it is sure sign of commitment to keep those girls in top form. Once I got down on the floor I would be there for the count. That is one reason I am using scrog frames with wheels. Also, rather than four plants in my 3x3 I am cutting it down to 2 or even one.