1st shot at mainlining/fluxing

Thanks all!



Sucks :upside_down_face: :beers:

It sucks because I cut it basically at start of the flush so I guess its an accidental “taste test” as to which is better flushed or no flush…kinda wanted to test those 2 things for a while to see how big a difference it actually makes!

Perfect opportunity now!


Blind taste test yourself somehow and blind taste test some friends.
It is a good opportunity

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Been a minute had to take break from social media and the computer for a while and actually put effort into grasping what the actual fcuk we are dealing with in this world…i came up with nothin except this 1 insight… The world is fcuked !

With that said here are some pics of the most tecent experiment! A lil bit of back story on her :

Clone recieved Sept 4th (46 or 47 days)
Strain is Birthdaycake X Black Gelato
Shes in coco&perlight mix
She only has gotten Jacks 3 2 1 once a day feeding & Growers Choice Recharge after every transplant which has been 3 times from solo ==》1 gall ==》10gall (with a custom extension to add some volume to it once i realized it was too small)
PH is always 5.8-6.1 range feeding with R.O water
Temp in room always between 21-25
Humidity always 40%-53% 3 fans from all different directions blowing indirectly the air in the room being constantly changed due to the AC infinity T6 with controller
She is taking 1/4 of my 10x10 up currently with her canopy and still 2-3 weeks before i am going to flip her
She is a solid 4 feet tall
81" from corner of tent to center pole
She been a very fast to recover and super fast growing the whole time
She is under a 700 actual watts from wall Aglex LED at about 24"
The light is on the lowest setting before it just turns off i dont know the actual amount og watts being used atm but its very minimal.

Anyways here she is


Welcome back @Kotnmouf , wow that’s a great plant :evergreen_tree::grin:

thats amazing looking. i wanna grow a plant like that.

Definitely growing a tree, that’s some nice active carbon capture to save the environment you have going on there.

Yes the situation and the world is messed.

Thanks @MeEasy , @Dr.ofSmokology , @Nicky

Really excited to flip her , just hoping I dont run out of room i only have 2 feet above canopy to the light ,cant raise light at all so gonna be some bending and snapping going on i think, I just hope it doesn’t turn into a mold situation…gonna be interesting anyways. If it goes well ima see if next run i can fill the 10x10 with just 4 plants just try and keep them about a foot shorter.


Just in case you have not changed out the hangers that came with your light, I put these on my HLG lights. There are other options like wrapping them but this was a clean and easy way to gain 6"+.

@beardless yeah unfortunately, I already switched them and my light is basically directly against the ceiling of the tent.

Super crop them did you see my journal?

Just in case. Thought I would throw that out there. good luck

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No I appreciate the suggestion, I wasn’t just blowing you off if thats how it sounded lol.

No but ill check it out now

Not at all. I figured you had done what you were able to do to raise the light. My post was just in case you hadn’t.

See shes pretty much maxxed out


Flipped to flower on the 26th and alot of bending down and under the net haas kept them from stretching too much

this is the monster taking up 5x5

And this is the other 9 taking up another 5x5 section


Quite the canopy on that girl. Do you have room for another net to support the colas?

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