1st serious grow - blueberry auto


The topping sites this morning, about 14 hrs post-cut


And for my next question… 2 leaves from 1 plant. They’re from the same node area about 1/3 of the way up the stem

Any ideas? It’s dwc, 4 gal. I change water and nutes every Friday. Temp sits higher than I’d like, but it’s in range around 67-68. I use Botanicare Grow, calmag, and karma. Twice a week, a kelp-based foliar spray after lights out (19/5). I’m in week 3 of 5-week veg and ran 75% strength nutes this week. Friday will start week 4 and 100%. Should I ride out the discoloration, ignore it, pluck them, add something, different ph?


Looks like old damage to me wat h me growth for sign of issue


Are the bb autos easy to grow? I got sone in my cart I am seriously thinking about trying them


@Sirsmokes the bb auto is easy to grow. Pretty much all the autos I’ve grown haven’t given me many problems. Go for it! :+1:


They are easy. The cost is in yield, but if you’re not trying to yield 20oz at a time, they’re perfect.


@Sirsmokes most Autos are easy to grow just make sure you ph is correct and they will grow beautifully
Happy growing brother


buy a bottle of cal-mag along with the Autos. Most will need some when in flower (Based upon my experience!). A couple of doses, once per month should keep them happy!



This one isn’t progressing like the other 2, but looking back, she was a problem in the beginning too. I think she’ll get an extra week of Grow.

These 2 are gorgeous. I’m already seeing where their next toppings will come from.


The unthinkable happened yesterday. Construction in the area hit the power line and we were without power for 3-4 hrs. My wife woke up after it had already been out for 2.5. She texted me and I left work to go rent a generator. By the time I got there, it was back on. The girls looked sad, but Friday is their water change day. I took care of the tasks at hand and checked in on them a couple hrs later and they were perky again.

The coco and hydro2 are now starting flowering nutes. Hydro1 is a little behind, so she’s getting an extra week of grow. Should make the light schedule interesting. I’m going to set a happy medium between 19/5 and 12/12. Next week will be flowering for all and 12/12. I’ll get fresh pics later this morning.


May I recommend that you buy a small generator? There are inexpensive options available.

Think harbor freight if they are in your area?

The have a 700 watt 2 cycle (gas oil mix) generator for $110- We have the same one for tailgating!

Many times it is on sale for as low as $90


@bob31 it’s on the list. Yesterday’s scare bumped it to the top.


I have two one for the house and the small portable for tailgating or whatever and the grow tent. It’s worth it Imo!


Looking happy


This is exactly the kind of info I’ve been looking for! Is this your schedule for the gal in coco? I’m using felt containers and haven’t quite worked out what to use use to catch runoff.


@GreenThunder I set my whole pot in a Rubbermaid tub to deal with run off.

The 1st task every evening is dumping the tub, so I can water again. You have to think of coco like hydro, but instead of air bubbles, you dump the runoff and add more water/nutes. You’re circulating it manually. Since wrapping my brain around that, she’s become so happy.


I didn’t get a chance to ph or anything last night because of houseguests, so I did it just now and will do it again tonight in about 12 hrs.


…and 12 hrs worth of change later…


Hydro 2 - I discovered a little root rot starting to slime around this morning, so when I got home from work, I flushed it and gave it a clean drink with 1 tsp/gal h202. In the morning, I’ll flush again and do a 25% nute. Then Friday when I do the normal weekly flush, I’ll go 50%.

I’m pretty sure I got overzealous out of impatience. I need to collect myself and just appreciate every little change and wait until they’re ready.

STILL won’t go vertical…

Brown slimer…

Last but not least, my coco…

I hate to admit this because I enjoy doing chores on the coco less than my dwc’s, but daaaaamn she’s the healthy girl!