1st serious grow - blueberry auto


Good to know @Rugar89. The options are almost overwhelming and looking at reviews makes every tent sound like a paradise and a piece of shit at the same time. I have high hopes about being more capable of controlling the environment in a real tent. What I have is awesome for what we built it for - flowers and veggies, but it’s not cutting it for the ganj.

What are you running for lights, humidity control and temp control in your tent?


@bruinsfan33 whoop whoop


This light. Everything cheaper on e-bay.

6" exhaust fan and filter.

6" intake booster fan.

No humidity control ATM. Im in flower and RH is under 40% Im in SoCal so you would need to work that out for your situation.

The two Blueberry Auto occupants of the tent.


Awesome! I’m concerned my light won’t be enough. @bob31 and I were talking about it and it sounds like not. It’s 600w full spectrum led, but true output isn’t enough apparently. I don’t completely understand? But I trust you guys’ opinions and advice.


Those dang gnats are a never ending battle. I can keep them down to a minimum, but just when i think they are completely gone, i see a couple more. Anyway, if you put a deep bowl containing lower quarter to half(depending on your bowl; use common sense) of vinegar, and add a few drops of dish soap, and put the bowl in where your plants are, many of them will dive in for a taste and never come back out. I use stickies too, but the vinegar solution help a lot.


You will need to be close to 400 true watts to get maximum yield in a 3x3 tent. 3x3 = 9sqf.
A 4x4 tent will require double that at 800w. 4x4 = 16sqf


Next node and true set of leaves that come up I would top her.


@bruinsfan33 - what do you mean by node and true leaves?


Node is the new section of growth

“True leaves” are the set of leaves growing off the nodes. No more lower nutrient supplying leaves. Being an auto I’d top sooner then later. Don’t want to cut off any flowering parts.


The first two little round single leaves that some call feeder or sugar leaves are technically dicotyledon (two cotyledon, or embryonic leaves).


I like that diagram @bruinsfan33 nice!


New equipment will be here tomorrow. I have friends & family coming to visit until next Tuesday, I’m on vacation, and my girls are looking happy. Life is good!


What my friend @Countryboyjvd1971 said also good job with starting out the setup looks great thus far so great job. @muffybunny If you need anything let us know we’ll be glad to help if we can and that we will lol happy growing friend. :sunglasses:


The new tent is put together. Today is water change day, so everything will be put in its new place while that’s all going on anyway.

Pics from last night


The girls love their new home. The tent is amazing. There are a few more pieces I need : an intake fan, a humidifier, and an a/c.


@bob31 The new setup is making huge differences. Thanks again.


@muffybunny are you using that meter to read ph or moisture?
They are know to most of us not to be accurate when reading ph that’s why I’m asking
You should get a digital ph meter if you don’t have one already
Just a heads up you you have one great :+1:


@Countryboyjvd1971 yeah I use a digital ph twice a day on my hydros and once a day on the runoff from the coco. I put a dry meter in the coco and what it shows frequently doesn’t seem like it could possibly be right, so I kinda consider it bunk other than the moisture part of it, but that reading doesn’t really change my daily course of action, so it’s irrelevant. It probably makes more sense when growing in actual soil, but not coco. I think I turned the corner on the issues I was having trying to figure out what to do when with the coco. I solved it with a simple gear addition. I set the whole pot in a square Rubbermaid tub with 6 in sides and let it runoff to its heart’s content and it’s become part of the daily to empty it before watering it. My schedule for it is:

Friday - 4-gallon flush, emptying the tub as needed, then finish with 1/2 gallon nute water
Sat - day of rest and observation
Sun - water
Mon - water
Tue - nute water
Wed - water
Thu - water

Since changing mentality & method, she’s thriving.

To top or not to top is my next decision. I’ve been watching YouTube vids all morning. I’m scared of !@#$ing them up. They’re so beautiful and perfect right now.


The new rig minus a few things I’ll be adding in the next week.

The girls:


I went ahead and topped all 3 last night. If I killed them, I’ll legit cry.