1st serious grow - blueberry auto


@bob31 probably 48x48x80 or 48x24x80 ish. I’d prefer 72 height but that doesn’t seem to be the standard. 60 is too low. I have evil back problems and that bendy/reachy position would not be my friend. I’ve got the space for 80.


Thanks @Laurap! Now if it would just freaking happen overnight! So impatient :roll_eyes:


I wanna go ahead and mention that for my coco pot, I’m doing nothing at all about ph. I’m full on winging it with that one. I water with ph’d nute water when the drain pan is dry, but that’s it. Is this the wrong approach/attitude? She seems healthy. Bigger and badder than one of my hydros actually.


What do you have now for lights @muffybunny

I use these to help me get things done in the tent

I didn’t buy them on Amazon, but rather my local True Value hardware store. I have lower back facet arthritis as well as two ruptured discs so I hear ya.

A 4x2 tent would require a 4 inch exhaust system and a 4x4 tent would need a 6 inch exhaust system

exhaust fan and filter - both 4 and 6 at this link

These are just examples… @muffybunny

You can procure the 4 inch or 6 inch flexible ducting locally as well but they are also available online as well.


@bob31 a 600w full spectrum led. This one exactly:

It seems to be working like a champ, but I bet also contributing to my heat problem.

What do you do with the sprayer? I mean I know what they’re used for but I haven’t been spraying anything. Am I supposed to be?


Take the sprayer nozzle off and it allows you to water the plants using the tip. It comes out in two small streams instead of a spray. The little tip that adjusts the spray just unscrews. And it puts out a nice stream for slow watering your plants! And you can do other things as the handle locks into the on position.

The grow area needs 30-50 true watts of LED per sq foot (per sq foot that covers the plants only) Do you know what the draw wattage is of that unit? (not the 600 equivalent watts of lighting, but the actual power draw)


Huh? Draw?


The details say 3.5x4 ft coverage


I found it. It draws between 110 and 120 watts from the wall

“Energy saving, just consumes about 110w-120w power” from the amazon listing

4x4 tent is 16 sq feet 30-50 watts per sq foot would be 480 - 800 draw watts

My 3x3 tent I run 2 300 watt LED and a 400 watt LED

The two 300’s pull about 90 watts each and the 400 pulls about 192 watts

For a total of 372 / 9 is 41 watts per sq foot. I am using my entire tent so that is a reasonable number for me!


the footprint of the light covers that area, but that isn’t enough like to cover an entire 4x4 covered with MJ. If your grow area inside your tent is like 3x3 then it gets a lot better. Follow what I am saying?


I do, so whether I get a 48x42, 48x48, or 36x36, it sounds like I’d need another light


You’ll be pulling your hair out, mine were I thought to be ready for harvest Monday but trichs are still cloudy no Amber yet. Live by coast in Texas and in or too little week 9 of flowering humidity shot up to 89%. Best advice is Never think you can coast for a while. Your temps, humidity, bugs, too much nutes ect. Quite a rollercoaster ride but look @ my first grow


Holy shit that’s beautiful @Laurap


I’ve killed all potted plants before this and probably would of these girls as well but this forum & growers saved my butt many times. Never think it’s a stupid question. Make sure you show me your girls!


I forgot about the. bugs. I’m dealing with that. Apparently coco coir is a festival for gnats. I have sticky sheets and a special addendum the hydro store guy recommended.

I also just went to Lowe’s and got a kelp concentrate to mix up a foliar spray, and I got a dry-medium ph/moisture meter. My temptation keeps being to treat it like dirt, but it’s not. It’s coco. Watering it the first time made a HUGE mess. I freely poured a 1/2 gallon in and ended up with about a quart running out of the pan all over the floor. A couple days later, I thought I’d be smart and only use a quart. Apparently it didn’t really need that much and again, big mess on the floor. So now I’m only doing 1 qt when the runoff pan is dry, which works out to about 4 days. BUT, I question if that’s really enough nutrient for it. Enter the foliar spray I’ll be starting today.


So these are what I landed on


Hopefully my light is enough for this. Otherwise I’ll add again.


I went ahead and watered the coco. She seemed to take it without making a mess. I just did 1qt, nice and slow. Since I did that, I’m not going to spray tonight. I have to find out what this flushing business is all about.


And I woke up to a #£~&%*'ing mess on the floor again. I'm going to see it through this grow, but the next Grow is going to be all hydro. Who'd have thought the coco would be more trouble than hydro? Not me. The saving grace is that the plant looks great and I'm confident it will be productive. It's an auto so it doesn't have much choice unless I royally !@# it up. Pics to come later.


That is the exact tent I have. Good quality for the price. Im very happy with mine.


New problem. Because I’m cycling frozen bottles of water into my buckets to keep the temps down, the water displacement must be too much. 1 is getting a little droopy. Next time I go downstairs, I’m taking something to take some of the water out to accommodate the displacement. I will be SO happy when I permanently solve the temp problem and don’t have to do this every 2 hours.