1st Seed grow- Bruce Banner Feminized

These 5 were my first time starting anything from seed and these females are doing wonderful. I ended up starting the seeds in water with Fish Head Farms Fishit for about 30 hours before placing into rockwool 1.5inch cubes in my humidity dome with a temperature regulator at 75 degrees under 24 hours of light. These sprouted quickly and had tap root/roots after only about 2 weeks before transplanting in Mother Earth Coco Peat soil in 1 gallon plastic pots.

These females are under about 12 hours of light and on nice sunny warm days, they are soaking up some natural warm sun light before getting placed back under the light. Hopefully the photos uploaded in order of events. With these females being a little over a month old, they are coming along very nicely.


Nicely done hope u have a good grow

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I forgot to mention. I started these seeds on December 1st, inserted them into the box on December 3rd. Transplanted them on December 14th.

Thank you. So far so good. I’ve done 2 other grows by clones or other survivors. Be sure to check out my other entry on two I’ve been trying to save.

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No worries i will keep a eye out .these are my girls

Im doing girl scout cookies auto and a critical purple auto

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They are some heathy looking plants. I haven’t personally done any autos only photos. I think I’ll eventually one. A buddy of mine will be taking about 4 for his green house. I have a total of 7 seedlings of Bruce Banners going and 2 survivors in another entry.

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Nice ive only done autos for now but my last grow i got 9ozs off one plant two ozs was popcorn bud and seven ozs was good smokeable bud

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That isn’t bad at all. With my last grow, only got a little over .5 oz but it was very light and airy. Been using Mendocino 5-30-30 when putting the plants to sleep, switching to 0-57-57 then General Hydro Koolbloom. Still trying to get I’ve only down building weight.

I’ve one green house and working on my second. It’s been down to freezing here a few nights and had to turn on a little space heater that keeps it around 50s (between day and night, 53.6deg avg) in there with about 80+% humidity at night. During the day this time of year, it’s gotten as high as 70s+ degrees with a 85% avg recently humidity. I’ve used a premium potting mix for my 2 and thinking about trying coco by Mother Earth for my next ground but I’m unsure right now.

See i organically grow i use worm castings bat guano volcanic rock dust fertilizer and superworm frass and kelp meal and alfalfa meal fish bone meal and sea bird guano and i reuse my soil i also put live worms in my pots in flower i use phat bud powder from nimbin nutrients Australia for the first four to five weeks of flower then i use bud powder and mega K from nimbin nutrients Australia plus i feed banana and cucumber skin tea to my plants

Here’s an update on these wonderful females. Coming along quite nicely.

Been letting these females get some natural sunlight when the sun decides to come out.

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