1st SCROG Harvest

I finally cut down my 1st SCROG White Widow grow. I was amazed how many flowers were just starting to grow under the thick canopy of buds. I think I read somewhere that mature buds can be harvested but I’m not sure if that was accurate or productive. If anyone has done this or has any information to contribute that will be great. Also, these little flowers are really sticky. Are they worth smoking?

Gratz on the harvest!!

from my little outside growing experience, you can still let those small buds mature more…
the quality? better than seedy street stuff…but might not match the tops for a buzz…the small stuff is a good choice for cooking or oils or bubble hash…something where you refine it

But how about harvesting buds while the plant is still growing?

The plant is at the end of it’s life…go ahead, pick buds a and allow others to mature more.
Normally you wouldn’t pick the flowers, it would stress the plant. It’s past that stage.

See that’s the problem, the plant didn’t seem like it was at the end of it’s life judging from the appearance of the underdeveloped buds or flowers. It almost seemed like they just needed more time and light.

Not an educated response, just my understanding…they are female and have hormones and enzymes and things ruling their lives at different times.
Your plant was signaling death.
You cut buds, it’s reason for living, besides thc production.
You have stressed the plant…by cutting.

Now, should it go back to veg?
Or build more buds/seeds?
It will build more buds, slower and thinner, and push out hairs until it figures out what to do.
Veg or die.
I don’t know how long the buds could last, but if it was a “fountain of youth” technique there wouldn’t be so many clones and seed stores?

Good point and makes a lot of sense. When I harvested the plant it seem sad to not be able to see more mature buds. But on the other hand I’m assuming the plant showed it had excellent nutrition to still be producing more healthy flowers. I would like to see when I go to flower that the plant doesn’t produce more fan leaves so the undergrowth would get more light.