1st scrog grow newbie


Sour diesel clone transplanted twice 1g then 20g promix 4x5 room with 4x4 screen 1 co2 bag t5 8 bulb 2 pure pars 1 pure bloom and 5 6500s feed 40-20-60 plus 20ml/g molasses once a week with 2 flushes a week usually 2 gallons every water/feed no runoff was doing 2 and 1/2 g per water/feed but developed fungas knats also 5ml/g microblast during feeding will get some pics with rulers up soon got clone 2/20 let me know what ya think 77° day 67° night 50% humidity roughly pics dates are 4/24 4/5 4/1 3/10 camera sucks lol


Here are some new pics<img src="/uploads/growingmarijuana/original/2X/d/ddd07db66d59ce0d56e0c8b74acdb695372766ff.jpg" width=“666” height=“50



Love it great looking plant
I remember a few weeks ago my girl looked like that

Hope you don’t think im hi-jacking your thread I wish I would of used 5 gal pot



11 days stretch going full flower soon I hope


Nice what size room how long veg is that a 20g


43 days veg
Tent is 3x3x6.0
1.5 gallon pot
400 watt digital ballast
Fox Farms big grow big bloom tiger bloom
R.O. water
Duct fans on order
6 inch with carbon filter
4 inch intake


That’s awesome I got 20 days on ya and I’m at 36x37 hopefully she pics up the pace lol


She will my girl has been an over achiever her whole life


Update 5g water in 4 days no runoff she is really sucking it up


This is a leaf pic from clone with my diy phone microscope do you think it will be good enough for trichomes


About to change light schedule


Yup you definitely ready for it now .


New pics 3 days 12/12 I didn’t think it was growing very fast but those branches are really getting big she’s drinking 3Gs a day