1st pruning advice

  • What strain, AK47 & lemon skunk (feminised) marijuana seed bank
  • Method: RDWC 100 litres
  • Vessels: 15l pots
  • PH of Water, 6.5
  • PPM/TDS or EC- 850ppm
  • Indoor tent - 2.4x1.2x2 & 1 x 1
  • Light system- mars hydro sp1000, greenfingers blurple 2000 w / reflectors and mars hydro sp600
  • Temps; Day 29c Night 24c
  • Humidity; Day 75 night 60-80%
  • Ventilation system; Yes, 6 inch with carbon scrubber
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier no
  • Co2; Yes (homemade)
  • solution temp : 23c - 26.5c

I have uploaded some pics of my 5 1/2 week old ak47 feminised should. I be removing all the new node growth / branches in the centres or just let them all go for awhile seems to be very thick and not sure if I shouldn’t clean it out or leave them them to do their thing.

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Thanks I’ve watched that one only yesterday lol my plants are a lot shorter it’s mainly the middle I’m unsure if I’ve been taking all the suckers just leaving branches but it’s so thick should I take out some smaller branches ?

I’m not a hydro guy, but isn’t that pH high? Plants look happy though.

I’d trim a little, under your canopy, but if you left them they’d eventually yellow and die off on their own.

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Recommended ph for RDWC is 5.8 to 6.8

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Ok cool cheers will get rid of that stuff

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I trim very little until I get near flowering (except for topping.)

Here are my rules for trimming.

  1. Never take more than 25% of the foliage in one session.
  2. Allow a couple of days for the plant to heal between haircuts.
  3. If it doesn’t get good light, then it comes off.
  4. If it doesn’t contribute to flower growth, then it comes off.

The idea behind trimming is to allow airflow and light penetration throughout the plant. If she’s too dense then you risk disease.

No one trims the same.


Did some pruning tonight to open up the middle to get the canopy growing even so I can scrog and took out alot from underneath, still not sure on some of the smaller branches coming up the middle that I left but will see what they turn into, is there too many left ?

Thanks again for the advice . :grinning:

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I take the fan leaves off. Basically if there’s a petiole that can easily be gotten to, it goes.
But resist the urge to over do it. Too much can be a problem.