1st pop strongest plant?

When germinating multiple seeds, do you notice the seeds that pop first are the strongest plants?
I just noticed this could be true. I will watch closer as time goes. Can anybody dispel or support this BroScience?

In terms of which seed pops first - I have had plants that pop in 2 days and others that pop in 10 days. They’ve all been good producers in the end.

We also see at times that grower’s runts grow up to be big producers.


I second this statement from experience, had a seed pop 6 days later than the rest, was behind the others the whole time until flowering then boom….ended up with 4.25ozs from a plant i thought was stunted and would produce no more the 15gs


I think it based more on age of seeds but mostly genetics…
It’s very inspiring to see the first of several take off and take the lead, easy to have favorites.
But then again, i’ve had early starts that were eclipsed by the late bloomers and my favorites have changed.
That’s why we name them, each has a personality that you will learn and grow with, like kids…enjoy


LOL. I sure get what you mean about kids. They come from the same jeans(sic) but oh so different.