1st plant to grow

Now that i have a plant growing, i feel like it has stopped. Now what do i do from here?

almost 2months old. Jack herrer


It will mature and ripen.
Once the pistils start to brown and curl back you can watch the trichomes change.
It may be small but looks like two very nice buds.

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You are a long ways away till it’s done. Pistils are still white and you want to start checking when the pistils are a amber color.

Thank you for the guidance. Shall i start scrogging it so that i can get more flower?

It’s already to late to Scrog imho. You have two nice sized colas which you are lucky considering the shape of the plant.

Now your next grow if you want to Scrog start training once the plant is 1 foot tall.

Its only 8inch. Is it still to late?

@Greenwidow No it’s not to late.

That plant is in full flower. You’re too late to do any training. Was this an auto? Or did you put your timers on 12/12 from the beginning?

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They are not auto plants and yes 12/12 from the beginning. The is still at 7.5 inches with no change in growth but the pistils are turning amber. So is it time to dry now? And is there more to get from this plant?

Can you post some recent pictures?