1st Pineapple Haze Plant

I am am currently using a stealthy indoor hydro system. For lighting I am using a 400w LED light & Fox Farm nutrients. This is my first time using hydropodnic as well as Pineapple Haze seeds. Cannabis is legal where I am at but the people I am usually around frown upon this kind of stuff. Hints the reason I’m being stealthy. About wk3 I realized my girl had nitrogen toxicity and had severe nutrient burns on several leaves. Instead of just starting all over, I decided to try and salvage the girl. I took the advice of an old stoner I know and continued on in the vegetative stage longer than I normally would compared to the traditional soil method and other strains of seeds previously done before. I really wanted to give the girl plenty of time to recoup from the damages before going into flowering. Currently my girl is at wk8. She is not very tall but she is bushy and wide with several branches in every direction. As you can tell she has got her color back and you can’t tell she had burns. I am eager to know did I stunt her growth and how much of an effect do you think my decision will have on the overall outcome of my harvest.


She looks great. A little LOST would help increase the crop.:sunglasses:

That’s LST :roll_eyes:

I’m not sure what LST is. Please explain or share a link to where I can find it.

Lst stands for low stress training
It’s intails tying down of your branches to force them to grow out and up
If you do a search on this forum I’m sure you’ll find tons of info
Super cropping is another technique you should look into for future grows although you do stress the plant with this technique al little bit but it works and is controlled stress
Your girl looks nice and you may have slowed her down but now that’s she’s healthy she should do fine
I would think they are tuff plants :seedling: How tall is she ?


Thank you for the info Countryboy. Right now the girl is barely 15 inches in height. I will go ahead and start to cut the hrs of light back to get the flowering process started. I will also look up LST techniques as well. Although you can’t tell from the photos. My grow box is a gutted out refrigerator so I still got plenty of room for height and more for spreading it out.

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Keep updating the pics as she grows up
I love watching people’s grows
she looks nice you’ll have a nice bushy plant from the looks of it

Hey Countryboy, here is the update on my girl. I tied down the stems like you said and she has spread out nicely. Also she has gained 3 1/2 inches in height. She has a few wilted leaves since it asorb so much water, while I was away on business trip. I have a extra 5 gallon water bucket set to the side for cases like this but the wife forgot to add water. Now that I am back from my trip I am going to start the flowering stage. By the end of the week I will have done cut the light back from18 hrs down to 12.


Nice brother
Yeah I’m in my 4th week 12/12 mine are starting to pack it on nicely :grinning::+1:
Just started budding about a week ago
Keep up the good job bro

Hey Greeneyed1, I hope you are well. I was wondering what your experience was with pineapple haze seed?
My grow was like yours. short and super dark green and healthy. I flushed it for 2 weeks prior to harvest. I harvested at 9 weeks flower but had a low yield. Under an ounce dry for 2 plants in an indoor grow box. disappointing. The high is great but it tastes and smells like a diesel. I wonder if I got the right seeds. I really wanted an experience with sweet aroma and taste. I am disappointed, wondered how your grow went? all the best, Linda

Just a guess but everything I read bout strain says it’s a longer 10-12wk strain. I would assume u got different seeds by the smell u say it has and time. I will know more bout strain once mine goes into flower n finishs. On your low yield hopefully u didn’t buy a cheap Amazon light thinking it was good cause it says alot of watts. If not u might have lock out for some reason usually rookie error with pH. Just speaking from experience but only on 4 the grow. Good luck