1st outdoor grow in southern Oz

Here in southern Victoria, Oz, I planted out into one of my raised veggie gardens, some White Widow seedlings in early September. Thinking that at 2-4 feet in height, they should be secure enough from nosy neighbours. These are my girls at 16 weeks (they always do well for me, at least in the past) and blimey, the tallest one has to be at least 5 feet high! There are 5 plants here. It will be at least Autumn before they are ready to harvest. Apart from feeding and watering, I have done nothing to the plants as I just wanted to see how they would do on their own.

I didn’t know about autoflowers, so now I have a few Blueberry Autoflowers in peat pots waiting to sprout. These I will grow in pots.


Beautiful :drooling_face:


Welcome to the club. Amazing what you have going there.

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Very nice :+1::+1:. An welcome to the community

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Thank you. It must be decades since I have actually grown stuff. Now that I am much older (1946) I find that a very active life with plenty of bumps along the way (rode motorbikes for 30 years and got hit by idiots in cars a few times), I have assorted physical ailments that really benefit from a smoke or two. Besides, I really like the buzz.


Looks awesome, would love to do an outdoor grow. How much will it stretch in flower. Welcome to the community.

What a thing of beauty. Welcome to the community mate.

Good luck and good health to you, enjoy the buzz of life.

Unfortunately for me, the house next door was auctioned while most my plants were still in ground finishing off. On good friday night, someone scaled my back fence, using a stolen sawhorse from the rebuilding next door and got away with my best plants and more than 50% of my crop. At least I harvested what remained so did not miss out completely. Mind you, these Whie Widow plants were gigantic - at least 6-7 feet high!