1st Order EVER - No Seeds at 25 Business Days - Follow My Story with a happy ending

Hey all,

Again…thanks for the response.

Like I mentioned in my last post, on the 10th (which was Day 27 - weekdays only and excluding MLK day) I heard from Stacy saying she’d mail out promptly.

She also asked if I had any other questions.

I asked:

  1. Will I get a confirm email upon 2nd shipment


  1. With the re-ship am I again waiting 25 business days

She replied:

  1. Most likely but you can contact me again Monday to check for sure.

  2. Most orders take 16 days but make take longer once again.

Like I also said before, since this is my first ever order I’m trying to “go by the book” with things. So…on Monday evening I contacted Stacy, as she suggested, to see if there was an update on my order.

I have yet to hear from her and no seeds again today which is Day 29.

I’m still holding out judgement and I understand that there can be delays. I’m glad there is this forum. All of the categories are really well thought out.

The story isn’t over yet…

You’re gonna be alright. They are gonna take care of you brother. I know how bad it sucks waiting for your seeds, trust me. I’m so anxious about my order, but it takes time. You won’t be disappointed and once they get here you have an amazing community to help you through the entire process, seed to harvest.

I also had the same problem as you my friend @ShhShh I ordered my seeds and my bank declined my purchase because it was out of the country. So I called them and had them allow purchases out of the country. I re-ordered online because my payment was declined and it was past 2 days so the original order was cancelled like said before because of my bank. I then got my seeds 12 days after my PURCHASE confirmation! Woo hoo!

I ordered a second batch and got them 12 days later no delays whatsoever so maybe the first time your bank goes through the process, and the second time will be much easier I hope!

Best of luck brother! :+1::v:

PS order of ILGM nutrients is in the mix as well :smirk:


Keep the faith @ShhShh
They will make things right no worries :wink:

Ordered the 3rd of feb and got my seeds today. Woohoo. One of the AK47 has already popped open, but I’m stoked. I can’t wait


They have a money back guarantee so there’s really no reason to worry about it you’ll either get your seeds or you will get your money back I don’t get no more legit than that


Hi @ShhShh. Just wanted to say that you really have nothing to worry about. Robert is the real thing and you will get your seeds. They cannot control the mail ! I had several problems with one shipment that Claire re-sent twice and I finally got my seeds. About two months after I got the third shipment, I received two packages from customs that said they had been opened and inspected. Sure enough, no seeds in them.

ILGM is VERY up-front with you and works hard to keep you as a customer. In my experience, the best site for seeds and support ! Jerry


Just an update:

As today is President’s Day, tomorrow will be business day 33.

Stacy has been in contact with me and provided a tracking number so I can see my shipment.

Seems like it arrived in US yesterday. We’ll see how long it takes to get to me from what seems like JFK.

It will be nice to get them. I’m not at all a good gardener and am really going to try my best to start some veggie seedlings this year. With MA going legal I figured I’d give this a go too…but that’s a story for the grow forums!


Depends… Hard to say what the flow through customs is gonna be like. What date did they actually ship? Mine took 9 business days to MA.

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@ShhShh, almost there .hold on buddy .you don’t have long now.:grinning:


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Couple more days @ShhShh you’ll be happy :blush:

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SEEDS!! Arrived on Day 34 (business days).

Thanks for all the reassurance.

Now that I’ve got my seeds I’ll decide how and what to grow. I have 3 strains so I’m thinking I’ll attempt 1 or 1 of each.

I plan to go simple first with some basic gear recommended by ILGM and see what happens!

I may start a grow journal too.

Thanks for following my story. See you in the other forums!


Oh you have to do a journal so we can see those ladies after all of the anticipation haha
Glad you got the seeds brother


@Hawkeye_diesel Tell me about it. And FYI, I’m a sister! :wink:


My dearest apologies madam.
Glad you got your seed sister :sunglasses:

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@ShhShh do you believe me now ?? these folks are the REAL deal , they don’t kick folks to the

curb. i stand by them cause they stand by us . no matter what . it is what creates our loyalty, to

them. not because iam staff. But because the owners are good folks period…

sincerely Hammer.


I’m with @Hawkeye_diesel
You should do a journal
This way we can follow your grow and give assistance if needed @ShhShh
Tag me if you decided to start one happy growing

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@ShhShh i’m glad everything worked out before you get those sisters growing so we can see what you can do sister very happy for you I hope you are as happy with the product as all of us are

I have about 60 seeds (soon to be 80 now with the California Dream I ordered) from Robert and any problems I had with shipping were always taken care of quickly by his staff. I would not continue ordering from him if I had problems. They are not going to leave you hanging!