1st Order EVER - No Seeds at 25 Business Days - Follow My Story with a happy ending

Hello fellow wanna-be-growers!

Since my state has gone legal for growing recreational marijuana, I decided to buy some seeds. This is my VERY FIRST buy from ANY vendor (online or elsewhere).

I read mixed reviews about ILGM in other non-ILGM forums but decided to trust this site.

Here is an excerpt from the email I just sent to ILGM:


I am a first time buyer.
I placed an order on XXX.
I followed all instructions and received a confirmation email the next day stating my order is on the way.
My bank statement confirms payment.
I checked the status of my order using the link provided by ILGM in the confirmation email and the status states "Shipping."
I have now waited 25 business days and per the order confirmation email I am replying to this email so that you will take action.

I’m hoping your customer service addresses this issue quickly and professionally as your website seems to indicate. I will be sharing my experience in the forum provided by your site. If I do end up getting seeds I hope to become a customer of your other products and services.

As of right now, I’m a bit bummed…no seeds for me!

From everything I’ve read, it seems like an order can “no-show.” I’m currently withholding my judgement and hoping that I just randomly got the shaft. I will continue to keep this thread updated so others can decide if they want to order from ILGM. Like some of you…I’m skeptical…but I don’t want to be.

Bummed for now…but hopeful.

Also, I want to add…after I replied to my order confirmation email to report no seeds I immediately received an automated email with a ticket number and links to helpful info about the the ILGM process.

I have read all of the information provided by that email and said links and determined it is now on ILGM to provide the service they claim to.

Again…Bummed but hopeful.

Welcome, the customer support here is amazing. Very accommodating. I’m sure either the seeds got lost in the mail or customs has it. No worried, the group of guys over at ILGM are very knowlgeabke and helpful. They will get you taken care of.
Good luck brother
Speaking of seeds, I’m waiting on my second order now.


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Sometimes they can take a while, but ILGM always gets you your seeds! Sorry that you’re having your doubts, but I assure you, you should definitely get your seeds.



I’m on my 5th order it normally takes 25 to 35 days to arrive for me in the central time zone I’m currently at the longest point it’s ever been for me to get them but I was skeptical on my first order as well But I can guarantee you it is a legit is it Gets it takes time getting from one side of the country to the other doing it safely and responsibly for are safety like growing patience is key


i was really nervous about my first order,i held a vigil down at the mailbox everyday it seemed.lol these folks are as good as it gets when it comes to seeds…please stay patient and good things will happen @ShhShh


I had trouble with a couple orders and Claire took care of it pronto. I got my seeds and am happy with the service here. They take care of you. Jerry


I received my first order in 10 days. They are guaranteed too which I haven’t found on any other site. I know it’s hard to wait especially if you’re on a timeframe but they will re ship them or give you a refund.


Honestly I probably won’t even try seed from anywhere except ILGM or AMS. I have full faith in these guys. From what I’ve seen, the genetics that use are sweet of the best and they have a very good track record with their customers. I have found my seed banks, unless I can’t find a strain I want to try then I might try elsewhere, but till then I’m hooked on this place. I hope this helps and sure they will get you squared away Pronto. Just be patient and good.things come to those who wait :sunglasses: and what better than some top shelf primo smoke? Haha

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wouldent buy anywhere else. took my seeds 28 days to arrive and i live on the east cost. give it another week and if nothing by then ilgm will take care of you. i can assure you!


The first seeds I ever bought were from ILGM. I was skeptical about online seed banks but I ordered a few hundreds bucks worth and paid with Bitcoin. I got a extra 10% off using Bitcoin. Sweet deal!
After 8 days or so they came in the mail and out of the first 10 I planted all 10 came up. Amazing!
I’m going to buy more next week. I’m sure ILGM will take care of you.


My first order I was convinced that I was tossing my money away but had to pick a site so after a couple of hours going Google Blind looking I decided to bite the bullet and just order got the buy 5 get 5 free special on white widow . They showed up at about 16 days I think . Since then I have ordered Gold Leaf Super Skunk , Girl Scout Cookies and Green Crack . One order took a while like 45 days but after a couple emails to support it was back on track . They really do stand by thier guarantee. I now shop with confidence good luck


Hi ShhShh,

I’m sorry to hear you haven’t received your order yet. Are you already in contact through email with me or Stacy?
We can send out a reshipment for you but we need your order number so please email us about this or send us a private message so we can help you out asap!


Wow, thanks for all the support guys!

mr (or miss) @ShhShh, my support team will take care of your request. Thanks for trusting us. And thanks for staying open minded after your first and negative experience with ordering.

Happy growing,


I haven’t even read through all the replies but as you can see, we are all loyal customers and ‘lovers’ of ilgm and their support and services, not only is it a great site for all growers to come and share experiences and ask any questions, its one of the best seed shops you’ll find online without a doubt. I didn’t receive my seeds on one of my orders after a similar time frame to you, they reshipped straight away and 20 days later I was in luck. Don’t worry, this many people aren’t going to lead you astray. And remember, ILGM is on your side, customs isn’t… so if you don’t receive, always be patient because the law is against you, but ilgm is with you :smile:


Thank you everyone for all the posts of first time buys and support!

Stacy of support has contacted me via email to confirm my address for re-shipment. I replied with my address and she responded again saying it would be re-shipped promptly. Now the patient waiting game begins again. Round 2.

Since this was my first order, I figure I’d do everything “by the book” in terms of recommended wait times and immediately contacting about re-shipment.

Thanks to those of you in particular who let me know about your shipments that were not only over the average of 10-15 days, but also over the 25 business day guideline. Those make me feel more reassured.

Will still keep updating this post with more details when warranted.

Ms. ShhShh


@ShhShh Please let us know when they get there we hope you get them sooner than later and we will all be more than happy to help you get from start to finish if you need it have a great day hog

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@ShhShh I just wanted to give you an update that I actually received my shipment of beans today took exactly 29 business days can’t count the weekends because they needed more just like we do Berkeleys everyone else I have to work on the weekends but I don’t work during the week they will be there soon if you haven’t got them already best wishes

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I ended up sending cash from US. It was 21 days from the day I mailed the envelope until they arrived. I was darn happy, and for sure this is the only place I would trust with my cash. Across the world, and back, in 21 days.


I set cash as well and received them in 15 days once they received my payment
I’ll definitely send cash again no worries :wink: about that :cowboy_hat_face:CB

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