1st Manifold and Super Cropping


Hello there.

Pictures below show my test manifold experiment and the resulting clones from my Durban Poison mother plant.

Things went very well and it took less than 5 minutes to do the actual cutting.

All clones seemed to have rooted with no leaf curl or browning.


Regards and good luck.



great start @jackowhee


Looking good @jackowhee


Thanks for your comments and likes.

I’ve also done the same thing on my Jamaican Pearl, Frisian Duck and 2nd Durban Poison plants.

By my estimate, I’ve generated 48 new main colas.

Now, with at least 2 more topping cuts per cola:


Plus all the potential clones and their clones…

Feck Me

I could end up tits deep in fist-sized colas.

Never count your yield until it’s cured

Very best luck with your grow and regards.



This is an update on my Manifold experiment.

With about 1 1/2 months of the veg stage still to go. The manifold on the Frisian Duck is complete and the Jamaican Pearl should be nearly complete by the end of the month.

Happy days

Good luck with your grows and regards,