1st LSD, 5th grow

This was my 5th grow and I was expecting some good results with having some “experienced knowledge over the last14+/- months. Long/short, 1 sprout died, one plant had ALL leaves grow bright yellow before starting to revert to green. It was curious that this plant flowered and had small buds. The color thru out frightened me about smoking it so at the last minute, it was abandoned. 1 other plant developed what appeared to be a cal/mag deficiency that resulted in harvest about 1week early. Net result from 5 seeds 1 tiny plant, 1 big plant, and 1 big plant with a late stage problem. After drying and curing, all buds smoke well, smooth, effects are decent, but it doesn’t smell as good as I hoped it would. In addition, I got lazy with the grow journal for this strain and the pics were somewhat embarrassing. So below are very general notes from my 5th.

LSD Grow
5th grow

7/25, 4 seeds soaking starts 9:30AM.

7/28, 100% germination and down into peat pods, placed under fluorescent lamp

7/29, 4 sprouts breaking thru.

7/30, 1 sprout dead. Replanted with 1 dry seed planted directly into peat pod for germination.:crossed_fingers:t2:

8/1, seed planted on 7/30 starting to come up so, transplanted 4 pods to final 5 gal fabric pots, watered, placed hygrometers, covered with domes. LED lights set on “veg”, conditions are +/- 88% RH @ 78F.

8/4, started dehumidifier to get humidity down to less than 70%.

9/8, Flowering started, 45 days from seed. Lowering RH to below 50%.

9/15, lights on 24/7, and lowered lighting to 18” above cola tops.

10/7, harvested Wonder Woman and hung to dry. 77 days seed to harvest!

10/12, 22g Wonder Woman jarred @ 60% RH.

11/4, harvested plant #2 and hung to dry. 98 days seed to harvest.

11/8, jarred plant #2 26g @ 63% RH, 26g.

11/9, harvested plant #3 and hung to dry. 103 days seed to harvest. Pulled plant #3, 7 days +/- early due to possible nutrient deficiency. Observed brown spots on leaves at or near the buds. Drying in dark at 47-50% RH @ 64-70F.

11/13 jarred 18g @ 63% RH @ 69F.

STAY TUNED, very shortly I’ll be posting my latest, and largest grow, 5-Gorilla Glue, and 1- Purple Punch :boxing_glove: