1st Legal Grow 😴💤

I think this is what I need ?

It just goes to show the difference among strains the incredible bulk were rooted in just a few days and 30 days from cut there in flower, these are probably going to go ten days to two weeks …if they root at all ?


I’m not a deadhead… but touch of gray is my fave song by. them


(This is for my own use, only because it took me about 10 minutes to find)

I may give them their own grow journals and I want to count how many days from seed to harvest

… so I’ve come to the realization that my cloning setup is basically a bubble cloner I might as well just use my bubble cloner …most likely?

Next set of incredible bulk clones maybe I’ll do half & half (traditional way and bubble cloner) and compare?


let us see what happens @Paranorman i’m interested in seeing whats up… i may try cloning some of my spring grow,too many children growing to try it now…loll

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Here it is it has nine slots, I’ve never used it?

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Nice, isn’t it.

Right now that breeze is battling against the cold coming down. I love when these fronts interact! Gusts are around 20mph and frequent. Great day!

You knew those 8ball were going to be slow…

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boy i don’t know but its a nice little set up @Paranorman!

I know it …realistically I was thinking eight days but now I’m just hoping they root ?! …I’m thinking probably 12 days ? :pray:


I’ve made a decision on these Autos…!

…if anybody would like to give some input would really like to hear it because I feel this is pretty radical !?

…I’m going to leave them alone…!? :astonished:

(I told you this snooze was over!)

patients grasshopper!

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Oh you have no idea…! lol

She was my problem child back in my first growth thread, if her smoke wasn’t so damn insane I would have been over her a long time ago…!

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Journal 1/23

Never saw this before, all the top leaves are reaching up on the plants I watered last evening…

GH Flora at 2-2-2 at 75% (7.5ml×3) is obviously too much for these plants at this point in their growth cycle

Have plenty of water warming up, if I flushed now the cold water will do more damage than if I wait. I’ll see them tonight at 9 and reassess

My personal feeling is they’ll be fine, I was going to use 50% but that’s 1-1-1 & they’ve been getting that right along, tried to turn it up, but apparently a little early

I don’t usually push newts, I’ve been getting away with it but it ends now.

…when I get this fixed I’m going back to doin’ it my way, I’m very happy with my somewhat reserved grow style


Well I should have been clearer, I never saw them waving so high before…!

There fine…! I knew they’d be fine (I said it above)

…in fact, if anything they look like they’re suffering from explosive growth…! (I had to raise the light an inch)

Once I check my new high-tech whiteboard I’ll figure out what PPM I fed them at and I’ll reduce it by a hundred for the next feeding

@FloridaSon This is an example where at next (plain pH) watering I will do a run off of at least 20 percent to flush out salts and lower the PPM (not a flush, just a normal 20% over-water)


…from the smallest


…One of the wavers

…A smaller lower Bud on one of the flowering adults (it’s exploding with sugar)

Tomorrow in the morning The Afghani Gold will get topped, the 8-ball clones will get transplanted, I’ll consider taking more clones from the second generation of incredible bulk clones and I’ll sum up everything I did tonight in a journal entry

…just wanted to put this up there now cuz I was exploding with joy at how well everything’s doing this evening…! :sunglasses::thumbsup:


I’m drooling! LOL

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That’s sweet isn’t it…! I couldn’t believe it I kinda saw it but I don’t get to the back of the tent very much, tonight when I was in there I snapped that pic, pretty amazing…!

Also in that clone tray pic a few above that I took yesterday those roots weren’t there, tonight theres two of them like that…! :thumbsup:

Edit: …anyway I worried about the waving girls all day ( The Cult of the waving girls. It could happen)

… if you’ve been following along I fed these plants from go to prove that fox farm ocean Forest wasn’t a “hot” soil, its people who add too many nutes -too fast, not the product … and I think I showed that ?

So anyway I’m going back to my less aggressive, more mellow feeding schedule (aka the snooze):sleeping:

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I kind of think I’m remembering something about the waving girls …when leaves reach up like that, I don’t think that was the newts, I think that’s cold water shock

I don’t even know who to call in to ask that question, to be honest …maybe I’ll search Cervantes and Rosenthal tonight and see if I can find that in print ? …so I’m not positive on this I just wanted to put it out there with that caveat

…and if rookies or even intermediates are reading here you should read this: cuz I know I ramble on sometimes but this is the serious s***

…if I was panicky when I saw those leaves reaching up and poured in cold water to panic-flush (another phrase I’m coining), I would have, if not killed those plants, I could have hermied them and/or set them back for weeks …just wanted to put that out there, hope this helps

very true paranorman. usually the best thing to do when you dont know what to do, is nothing at all! From my experience growing though, leaves standing up/waving or whatever you call it has always been good in my grows. Its always been explosive growth!

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