1st Legal Grow 😴💤

I got lucky with a very good, dependable seller. Price is right and quality is great. But, my own will be better :grinning:

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8 Ball Kush pops up

Grew some earlier this year

My favorite smoke :yin_yang:


Seedling took off shell

Fell on the vermiculite

Always good to see :yin_yang:


No time for haiku

Just found seed in my grinder

Mother was O.G. ! :smiley:


Big happenings now!

Found this OG seed last nite

Getting it wet now :yin_yang:


Added Lemon Kush :lemon:

Can’t wait to sample the smoke

Hope it’s real lemony :yin_yang:

Here’s an info link

A system for starting seeds

Genya sings below! :heart:


This is a picture today, they seem to like the 20% nutes, either way it’s not harming them so I’m taking it as a positive…

The girls are getting close to being toppped (or fimmed if I can get that close ?)

Tonight I’ll check the Kush seeds I put in wet paper towels yesterday and get a picture of the 8-Ball Kush seedling too


The Lemon Kush and the OG Kush (from my mother plant) have both cracked! I’m going to give them till mid-day tomorrow to put their tails out a little before I transplant

…here’s a picture of my 8 Ball Kush seedling


Looking good neighbor! :+1:

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Nice !! That looks like Nahant Beach ! with a view to Revere beach and the Boston Harbor in your last pic. I go there often for kitesurfing =).

Just joined this forum. I just started my first grow , 5 seeds of Blue Dream from ILGM (also order Super Silver Haze but never received anything).

I’m using a 48x24x60 grow tent, with a 450w LED light, and order a second same light but I’m not sure I’ll use it yet, as I’m afraid of frying everything. Maybe during flowering.

Just planted the seeds yesterday after soaking them for 24 hours. We’ll see.

I had an outdoor garden this year, with Tomatoes, peppers, raspberries, blueberries (didn’t flower), strawberries, onions, and pumpkin. All that stuff did amazing with just watering and some powder fish fertilizer. Changing crops for the winter =).



Howdy neighbor! …you guessed the location that’s my summer vacation location, love the renovation they did to it few years ago!

There’s a lot of Massachusetts stoners joined here since legalization, everybody’s popping seeds seems like ?

…you can get a lot of good information here, I would advise reading and reading and then reading some more, you should download roberts grow Bible from this site as well, If you have questions tag me and I’ll try to help

  • best of luck!

You’re right there…lol


I’m right there Captain! Pretty exciting, counting down the days right with you my friend! :thumbsup:


Welcome to the forum!

Some reading to get you going.

Well worth the read!

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So I’m having coffee and a joint in the grow room for a change, here’s a picture from this morning

8-Ball Kush is now in soil (far-right), 3 incredible bulk about to be topped are in the middle, a lemon kush and OG Kush seed are now in perlite/vermiculite mix in tray and a ilgm white widow and a white skunk are getting wet later today :v:


LOL. Did the same! 9 of my 10 WW seeds have sprouted thus far.


Glad to hear they sprouted for you! :thumbsup: I’m thinking I might hold off on the White Widow and the white skunk, I’ve got plenty of both already and I’m going to take clones of the other plants before too long, I run a perpetual clone chamber …or maybe it just seems like that ?


Babies Looking good!!!. I am definitely checking that beach out next summer


Thanks buddy appreciate it ! …going to hold off till the weekend on topping, I just checked them out and I think they need one more node

just started using the ffof soil and just saw my first gnat in months so yeah they must come from the soil

I put a floor fan on and pretty soon they’ll be gone, that’s one thing I learned from the lead spot issue, fans are valuable for so many reasons

I’m going to hold off starting any more seeds. My thoughts right now are that if the 8-ball mother is like the last 8-Ball I grew, and it should be it’s from the same seed bank, I’m going to do an entire crop of 8-Ball Kush …it’s a fave!


I’ve never seen a tail like this WTH?!