1st Journal-Purple Haze

Thanks Zee,I look forward to your advice since we are both using dirt media with
Jacks’321.I will keep a watch on the cotyledons for now.

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Hi @Zee ,
I need your help.I’m trying to decide on my 1st transplant to 3 gal pots.I would like to do it this weekend.I am watering every other day with 4 oz.of tap water only with maybe a couple tbl.spoons of runoff.Today will be 20 days above ground.
On another note,I though my Happy Frog would be more depleated by now.My runoff measured about 770ppm this morning.Only one of my plants has yellowing cotyledons. Here is some pics from this morning.

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Hey Alive, yeah the girls are ready for transplant. I would remove the from solo cups using the banana peel method. Cutting down the sides of the solo cup with scissors.

When transplanting, I add about 20% perlite to the soil with Mykros. Am pretty liberal with it.

I would feed them about 50% of jacks. Make sure you add part A first then your epsom then part B. Shaking the container heavily between each one. I make sure each one is dissolved before adding the other.

Happy frog doesn’t have nutes in it, ocean forest does.

They’re looking great!

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Thanks @Zee!

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Well hello fellow Virginian. I’ll follow along. And I’m on my 1st grow as well.

Hi @Newt ,Welcome to my journal!

@AliveAnKickin Thanks. Welcome change to our cannabis laws on 7/1. I’m in the NW part of the state, near the WV line.

Re-pot Day-
Everything went good.Both plants were dry this morning and came out of the solo cups
without breaking up.Saw lots of roots.Mixed in pearlite and worm casting.Added Mycos to the planting holes then watered each 3 gal pot with 1/2 gallon 50% strength Jacks 321 and some Fishshit.Also started my 2nd HLG 260 and set both lights to 85 watts each and about 24 inches above plants.
Thanks @Zee for your help.Zee,when would I start watering at full strength Jacks?


Watch her leaf tips for the next few days, look for nutes burn, if none you can kick it up 75% next water, do the same, if no burn go 100%. It will be awhile 6 or 7 days before you need to water again :slight_smile:

Thanks @Zee

Hi @Zee ,I’ve been thinking about topping today and need your advice.
My girls are at Day 27 and seem real happy.Haven’t watered since transplant.
On the 1st picture I was pointing at
node 5.That’s counting from the bottom node with full healthy leaves.I didn’t count the cotyledons and 2 leaves next to them.
Does this look like a good spot to top?I was thinking that I will be trying to fill a 3x3 with 2 plants and that more tops would be better.Whats your opinion?

Or should I hold off until my next feeding in a couple days?

Day 27


Hey Alive,

You may want to wait you have more nodes to fill a 3x3. You will want at least 8 colas if not 10 to fill it. I’d lean toward 10. The other thing to consider is the lower colas will not grow even with the higher ones, you could wait a for more weeks and top at 7 nodes and cut the lower 2 off to get a more even sea of green.

Regardless of which method you go with, wait till you have 2 more nodes than you want, when you cut, do it at the top of that node, leaving as much stem height as possible, and put some honey over wound. She will close and heal faster.

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Thanks Zee,
I think I’m starting understand.So, if I want 10 colas for each plant,I would keep
5 nodes per plant,not including the bottom 2 nodes which will be cut off?
Does that sound correct to you? And I’m assuming that the cotyledons and 2 leaves next to them aren’t counted as nodes?

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@Zee ,does this drawing look correct?

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You got it!

Thanks for your time Zee.It’s really been a learning experience.
I’ll keep you posted.

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Day 46,

My plants seem to be doing great.I topped both plants on
9/4.Been feeding every watering with Jacks at 80% strength.
Also using Fishshit and Rhino Skin.Next feed I will try Jacks at full strength.
I am also preparing to switch to flower in a couple weeks and may start
increasing the light wattage.Planning to do one last transplant to 7 gallon
fabric pots before the switch.


Looking very nice!

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