1st Journal-Purple Haze

Hi Folks,
It’s hard to believe that Virginia is a legal state now.We won’t have dispensary’s for awhile,but we can grow up to 4 plants for personal consumption.So I decided to get on the bandwagon.Tired of paying
60 bucks a pop for less than a quarter every week or so.
I came across this site while looking for seeds and I can’t thank
everyone enough for all of your help.
I have been reading lots of good info.Mostly from
@Hellraiser and @Zee.
I would love to have help/advice.
Here’s what I have so far;
These broke ground on 7/29 and 7/30

My grow tent is in my 12 x 24 backyard shed.The shed is climate controlled with a 12k btu window unit,electric unit heater and a
Vremi dehumidifier.

I went with the 3x3x6 AC Infinity tent and exhaust fan

Added diy negative pressure supports with 1/2"thin wall conduit and zip tires from Lowes.

I picked up 2-260W QB V2 Rspec LED Kit,a HLG 30 UVA SUPPLEMENT for flower and 4-QB288 V2 Bspec Quantum Boards for veg.

Yellow sticky traps hard at work.


Really good setup. I set to follow. Let me know if you have any questions. You did your diligence and invested wisely!

Once the girls get bigger, I’d cross the fans, so they create a cross wind

When you transplant, you can bury the stem up to the first leaves.


Nice setup and good start!

Yeah seedlings stretched a bit, no biggie, get light a little closer and can fix at transplant like @Zee said.


@Zee and @Hellraiser ,Thanks for getting back to me.Yeah,on that stretch,I’m not sure where my head was at. When the 1st seed broke ground I had the cfl 2/3’s of the way up the tent.I have since moved down to the recommended 6 to 10 inches.Wow,great info,
didn’t know I would be able to correct the mistake during transplant


Good luck with the grow!
Have fun and don’t stress out there is a ton of support here~


Nice set up!!! Like @spankyjr1 said have fun with your grow!! Your off to great start !! Best knowledge and support forum !! Good luck!!The only advice I have is if you’re exhaust is on bottom move to top hot air rises!


Good catch! Don’t know how I missed that the first time I looked.


Were all human even pin head @Hellraiser !!! LOL👍


LOL, being high as hell on Banana Kush doesn’t help. Stoner support can be a bit lacking at times.


Hi @spankyjr1.
Thanks for the encouragement.

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@Smalls Thanks for coming to take a look.I have tried to model most of the
great things @Hellraiser had in his Gorilla Glue tutorial.
Okay,on my exhaust,sorry I didn’t post a better pic,so here are some better views:

This shows my exhaust at the top of the tent and the other pics show 2 passive intakes at the bottom.

Lots of great info from this forum.With all the reading I’ve done so far you would think I would have it down,but just the other day I reread about a higher humidity for seedlings
better and here I was trying to see how low my dehumidifier would pull down to.I just
turned it off for now an wait until its really needed.
@Smalls,thanks again for your help.


Cool you got it!! Didn’t see that in other pics.can’t wait to see the girls grow​:+1::seedling::heart_eyes:!@ AliveAnKickin!


Those babies are going to love the sunbath with the 2x 260s. Are you going to bust out the bspec. Seedlings are stretching a bit for my liking. Easy to fix when transplanting. just bury them a little deeper.
I will be running 3x 260s in my 32x72" closet when it is finished.
Speaking of Purple Haze - something you can look forward to.
10 weeks on 12/12.

One caution.
With that much light, keep a close eye on the buds as you get around day 40 on 12/12. I have 450w in this 3x3 and had to dim my pacific light concepts strips way back. Eventually had to turn the PLC light off to prevent foxtailing.
Good luck and enjoy the grow.


@beardless I have bspecs setup now ,just not using them yet.I have one High Wattage Spiral CFL Light Bulb, 42 Watts (150W Equivalent) on the seedlings.I was going to hold off on the main lights until after the first 3 weeks.On the other hand I have the bspecs dialed down to 50 watts each from the wall and would love to start using them.
Thanks for the light warning.
Your plants look really good,keep up the good work!

Thanks. I just harvested a purple kush that I blasted with 400w and did not dial it back soon enough and ended up with some foxtailing. Not terrible but would rather avoid it happening and I should have recognized it sooner
you can see it here

Temps in the 80’s, even with a lot of air movement, I think also played a part.
Learn more every time out


Wednesday morning check-in with the seedlings.They were drooping and possibly ducking from too much light.I picked up each plant and they felt light and my green
moisture checker said dry,so did another 6.5 ph/4oz water for each plant.

Also added some dirt to the top of each cup to help upright each plant,

Stopped using the CFL,Sunlite SL42/65K High Wattage Spiral CFL Light Bulb, 42 Watts (150W Equivalent), Medium Base (E26), 2400 Lumens, 12, 000 Hour Life Span, UL Listed, For Studio Soft Box, 1 Pack, 65K - Daylight - Compact Fluorescent Bulbs - Amazon.com and started up one
HLG 260 bspec dimmed to 50 watts and adjusted to 24 inches above the plants.

Plants look less stressed this morning.
The overnight outdoor temp was lower this morning and my shed/lung room
was at 70F.I’m now tweeking my unit heater to keep the temps from falling too much.
I’ve been doing alot of forum reading the past 2 days on Jacks’321,mostly
@Hellraiser 's Zkittlez and @ROck 's 2nd Grow.So made a decision to return my
AN nutes for credit and order Jacks.
If anyone knows of some other soil with Jacks 321 related threads I would love to read them.


Hellraiser suggested fox farms ocean forest for my first grow, it’s really good, you won’t need to add nutes for 4 or 5 weeks.

My last grow I didn’t use any nutes till week 6 of flowering, just FFOF every time I potted up, the harvest results were lower than I expected, but I was successful.

This current grow is happy frog soil, started nutes at week 2 above soil, great stuff!

Going either way make sure to add perlite.


Thanks,@Zee,I have a bag of HF too.I’m going to use it through this first grow and then
may switch to coco.


@Zee ,Do you think it would be okay to feed my 2 plants a weak solution of Jacks 321?
They are 8 days out of the ground and seem to be doing good.
Here is a couple pics from this morning.

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Hey Alive, a small amount of it, won’t do any harm, but frankly they look fine, typically I add nutes after the cotyledons have yellowed, they have enough nutes to keep her feed.

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