1st journal! 3rd grow, QB'S & FFOF soil w/ WWEF seeds

I never water to runoff in solos. I want the roots moving around looking for water. Around 3 tablespoons is the most I go.

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Thanks for that, I was wondering about how much water at this stage.

Another set of leaves popped today.


I saw a video in where the guy made a slurry of mykos and dipped the whole root and dirt (transplanting) into the slurry of mykos than poured the power into a plate and rolled the root ball in the power and in the hole than put the plant in the hole. Is this a good way??? Haven’t seen any other referance to this technique. Opinions please! Thanks.@bobbydigital

Looking good so far. Keep up the good work. :+1:

Seems like it’d work. I spray the root ball with distilled water and sprinkle it on and also sprinkle it in the transplant hole

The video was something, he was dunking it like a tea bag!

Haven’t seen it. Seems excessive when just sprinkling it on the outer roots does just fine.

I thought so as well. But I’m a noob still , so what do I know.LOL

Do these look like they can be transplanted now?? Roots have reached the bottom. @Bobbydigital @MrPeat

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You could. I let them grow more.

Concerned the roots will find the holes in solo cup and the roots may get damaged when removing from cup to transplant.

If they exit the holes, they will air prune. You can definitely transplant now if you wanted.

@Audiofreak I’d transplant them if I was you.

You I’m torn… would like to let um go a little but don’t want root to sneak out the bottom (don’t know if my concerns
are legitimate or just lack of experience. LOL

They will air prune which is a good thing. That’s actually what the cloth pots force the roots to do. Once the root reaches the edge of the pot, it’s exposed to air and it prunes itself. Then it shoots a side root from that root. Think about it like topping a plant.

That’s interesting, learning as I go. All help and suggestions are MOST welcome! This being my 3rd grow I’ve got the equipment right (i think) technique is improving, and i have moved from the cheapest seeds i could buy (i knew i didn’t know what i was doing) to some real good seeds (i think) so we will see what i can grow. Just set up my 5gal pot with the FFOF and getting the mykos ready for transplant. May wait and see the root growth tomorrow and make the decision.

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Checked roots this morn and they are ready for transplant. Added 5tbsp mykos to roots and in hole. Watered in and back in the tent.

Now it’s up to the FFOF for the next few weeks. I a little concerned she will fade a little as the dirt around the roots fell apart a bit so maybe some shock comming but she looks strong!

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Couple days after transplant, seemed to just sit for a day than burst of small leaves down the main stalk.


Looking good