1st journal* 2nd grow* Ethos genetics ~Inzane in the membrane

Back at it again this is my first journal and 2nd grow. Just put seeds into cups yesterday (08/07/2019) took about 48 hours to germinate (started germ process on 08/05/2019) all 5 seeds using the paper towel method. I added 3 lights to start this time that I started as soon as I planted in cups with mycorrhizae and also decided to go ahead and put in tent and not to use humidity dome. (Last grow I started with humidity dome and the light to sit on top and seedlings stretched due to light being too far) this will be an organic grow and I’m super excited to start this journey with you guys and looking forward to all of your great advice and feedback. Here we go again!!

I will be using…

Seedling stage

48”x48”x80” grow tent

5 ethos inzane in the membrane fem seeds

Starting off with 3 lights
45 w LED lamp with dual head (counted as 2 lights)
T5 light (came previously with humidity dome)

Heating pad

16oz clear cups inside of 18oz red solo cups

Epsoma seeding soil


2 small fans

6in exhaust fan with carbon filter

I need to get Inline fan for air intake in the mean time I have the bottom air vent of my tent open with box fan blowing in
Temp is between 74-79 degrees
Humidity is between 60%-72%
Lights and fans going 24/7
Top plants 2 maybe (depends on plants)
SCROG (1st time attempting)
Start with compost tea mixture on week 3
Switch lights to 2 vivarspectra 600 w leds
Transplant to 5 gal fabric pots with mycorrhizae
Fill pots with Reds Premium Biochar Blend Soil topped with epsoma seedling soil
Will run lights 24/7 until flower then 12/12
Feeding schedule will be 2 plain waters/ 1 compost tea feed (plans as of now but we will listen to plants)
Last feeding before switch to flower will be substituted with epsom salt feed then 72 hours of darkness before flower
2 week flush
2x water, 3x epsom salt feed, finish with water only
72 hours of darkness before harvest

Water used will be tap water going in a 5 gallon bucket being aerated 24/7 with aquarium pump (adding humid acid)

Compost tea will also be brewed in a 5 gallon bucket using aeration.
(For compost tea water will be aerated for 24 hours before adding ingredients also will brew for another 24-36 hours and will be brewed with aquarium heater)

Ingredients for compost tea in veg
Nature’s living soil concentrated super soil
Fish fertilizer
Liquid Kelp
Humid Acid
Mycorrhizae (every now and then at the end of brew before feeding- mycorrhizae can not survive the brewing process)

Ingredients for compost tea in flower
Only nature’s living soil concentrated super soil

Also last grow at the very end my house started filling up with fungus gnats! Luckily they came like within the last week of flower so they didn’t cause any harm THANK SWEET BABY JESUS!!! but I still have them in my house and will be using pyrethrin concentrate to try to manage them! Hopefully this stuff works and we won’t have any issues cuz don’t nobody got time for that! For real tho!
Super excited and looking very forward to this grow!!!