1st Indoor Grow, White Widow 5 plants

Hello everyone, Should have put this out there awhile ago but been really busy, started my 1st indoor grow on 1/22/22 potted 6 white widow fem, 3 x 3 AC Infinity, Vivosun 6" exhaust filter & fan, 4" inlet fan, humidifier, 6" pole fan, cloth pots, fox farm potting soil 2/3 & fox farm ocean forest 1/3 mix maybe a little more, Viparspectra P1000 thru seedling and realized too many plants, too little space and too little light, rookie move from a rookie, so dealing with the space not to bad so far but getting crowded, got a Barrina BU2000 and added for more light, transplanted Feb 11 to 3 qrt pots and on March 5 to 5 gal pots. there have been a few ups and downs but overall I feel pretty good with the results so far. I think I was getting light burn so turned things down and now well see.


These are today. When should I add a net for support and how much bigger do they get after the 12/12 is started, I am limited on height only 7’ but with fan and all afraid they will grow into the lights.


welcome to the community. ladies are looking great.

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Plants been in the new pot 2 weeks ck’d run off PH and 5.0 already, what’s the best way to up the dirt PH, been watering between 6.0 and 7.0, Rookie needs a little advise lol.

They can potentially triple in size after flipping to 12/12. When you put in new pots two weeks ago? If so you probably hit a hot spot dropping the pH. Have you given nutes at all yet?

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Yes it was March 5th for the fabric pots, Yesterday mornings watering got a little FF Grow Big and Cal Mag for the 1st time.

Welcome and everything looks great


Welcome to the forum! They look good.

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Welcome to the community, plants are looking great. Anticipate them doubling in size during the stretch or more. Topping will stop the apical growth for future reference and increase bud sites. :love_you_gesture:

They all have been toped a few weeks ago, and I think you call it LST with the tie downs. Not sure if its to early to start the flower or if I should wait a week or 2, think I am goin to wait.