1st indoor grow multicoloured leaves

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Welcome to the forum @Wombat1. Looks like you have some nice colors going on. Can you get a pic that is focused?

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A little out of focus, but there’s definitely some color there! Welcome to the community!


So new here, four weeks into flowering but now the girls are growing in winter, peyote gorilla on the left is purple and gold leaf on the right is yellow. Ok so first time growing indoors and watering pots is new to me also, medium is super soil. Have reversed the lights to avoid chilly overnight temps. Have read that cold temps increase trichome development…what do others think?


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Wow! :star_struck::heart_eyes::star_struck:. You have some beautiful colors going on there!! The cooler temps help bring them out for sure

Thanks afg vet and thanks for your service from Australia
I’m an old gal who’s grown for decades outdoors but this is my first indoor. A techno phobe makes life difficult as I’d love some advice but not sure if I’m navigating this forum well enough (as you can see from my limited skills with a camera lol). Should I start a couple of posts or are they called threads? I want to hear from people about adding to supersoil (potash) and height of lights etc etc thanks in advance Tracey


Keep doing what your doing light height wise they look fantastic.

Bottom leaves look a bit pale, they are cannibalizing themselves seeking nutrients boost wherever they can get it from. Add a smidge more p & k if you have a booster it will help a bit.

Keep growing on! Your doing great

Excellent, will add some nutrients

Don’t over due it, a little can go a long way. Slowly raise Ppm over next few feedings longing to burn the edge of the leaves.

Stop when you notice any burnt edges and reduce a tad

That’s very deep red , looking good

I would start a new thread under the Soil category. Tag me in it and I will tag some growers who build their own soils.

There’s also a light category and we have a light guy. His name is dbrn32. When you want to tag someone just add the @ sign in front of their name like @Wombat1

Scared the bejeezes out of me for awhile lol