1st indoor grow. Fair to say I have a few questions

Says it has a easy to follow feeding schedule

Jacks nutrients is the same recipe, through flower. Seems a lot easier.
I’m just trying to save you from spending $500 in nutrients, that didn’t work.

haha, and I appreciate that. Been trying to do everything on a budget without sacrifice to quality, at least too much. Are you saying that I’ll have to use more of this than with the Jacks and therefore more expensive?

hey before I had a humidifier that was not digital! So my controller could turn it on and off, I had a tub of water and rags draped over the sides to wick water into the air. I added or removed the rags to control the evaporative rate. Kinda primitive but it worked rather well. The issue later became how to deal with humidity, because as plants start growing they make a lot of it :laughing:
Wasnt long into my dope growing career that I realized that cannabis only needs humidity during the seedling stage. Then once the roots are set the RH of the great outdoors seems to be ideal.
Seriously, keeping the humidity under control is the key to healthy pot plants in a small space!

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Set this up a couple hours ago. Humidity is low-mid 40s now. Better than low 30s.

Plants looking pretty good right now


I still cant find a good place to get Jack’s shoot me those details plz. Plus their site has a good bit of kits etc so it’s not overly intuitive to me.

The recipe I’m following is in my journal. I’ll have to scroll through a little to find it.
In Grams:
3.6 part A
2.5 Part B
1.3 epsom salt (for magnesium)

That’s it.

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Good looking out

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After having the light turned down for a while now I am getting some stretching. Wondering if I should have the light closer to the plants since the light is dimmed to about 40%. Currently about 30" above

I would lower the light a little at a time, each day. I would mess with the dimmer. Lower
The light 6-8” and see how they adjust. You can increase the intensity by lowering the light, and not turning the light up. Make sense?

Yes, makes sense, I will try that. Didn’t think about it when I dimmed the lights

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You may have to continue lowering light over a period of time, you just don’t want to lower it all at once.

Got it. Lowered it a few inches. Added a couple pics to show what I think is stretching. I FIM’d them not quite a week ago. Looking to switch to flower at about 18 inches and hoping they bush out a bit more. Do you think I can pull off these 5 plants with my current light: mars hydro tsl 2000?

In my opinion they look like an average amount of internode distance. Similar to mine. After dropping the light down to where they seem happy, I would turn the dimmer up, a little at a time. If you can get a kilowatt meter it really helps to get solid numbers on exactly how much you’re turning it up. Example running at 100W now, then bumping it to 150W at a time etc. I have one for my fixture, you can physically see where the dimmer knob is, it’s easier to adjust in the future.