1st Indoor Grow. Auto Northern Lights and White Widow

Hello all, new to this forum and brand new to indoor growing. This is my 2nd grow. My first being outdoors and photos growing in soil which came out really well. I felt like I learned so much my first time but now I feel as if I’m back in the dark.

Growing in a complete AC setup 2x4x6. Im 18 days in from dropping White Widow and Northen lights auto seeds directly into 5gal cloth pots filled with FF Cultivation Nation 70/30 coco perl. I did not buffer my medium, first mistake.

Im using half doses of the FF Trio and full dose of calmag with every feed. I was feeding twice a day to runoff from advice from someone but i think i did over water them. I havent fed for 36hr so i plan on giving some juice tonight.

WW (left) popped a day before NL (right) on day 4 and 5. NL had really bad helmet head i had to mist for a few hours and then later surgically remove the shell.

Thoughts? Advice? Im all for learning, Happy Growing!

Day 18. The cloudy spots are due to accidental drops from the feeding on the leaves I think/hope.


Looking good. Welcome to the forum.


Plants look great welcome to the community



Looking good and sounds good too, I am very interested in the soil you are using and would like to see how it all works out for you.
? Which light are you using?


Welcome to the neighborhood. I agree with all, plants look great :blush::v:




Thanks! Im using an AC Ionboard S24, came with the kit that was recommended to me.


You’ll do great here!!


FF Cultivation Nation info says:
Cultivation Nation® Seventy Thirty Growing Media is a mixture of buffered coconut coir and perlite, blended in the classic ratio of 70:30.
I used the trio in soil and now mix my own coco using Canna Coco bricks and perlite. I prefer Jack’s for ease of use and reliable performance.

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Well, now i don’t feel so bad. I feel like I’m researching everything that might be going wrong right now, I should have checked that as well. Thank you very much!

Here we are on day 27, 23/22 days after sprout. The Widow is growing much slower than the lights but looks healthy enough. Her only problem is the green (algae what im assuming) perlite on top. I’ve really slowed down feeding, which has been less that i thought it would be with coco. If i water frequently she droops for a bit afterwards.

The Lights on the other hand is growing noticeably each day. My issue with her is she’s so short, theres a bunch of new growth under the massive fan leaves but I’m not fully sure I could lst her, not until she gets taller hopefully. Im wondering if i should start slowly defoliating.

Thoughts? Happy Growing.

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Well, I goofed up and have been thinking they are older than they are, no clue how I did that, the 9th is ingraved in my mind for some reason, I planted on the 14th.

Today is actually day 25. Here they are.

WW is still small but starting to show pistils, I’m just going to wait and see with her. NL is getting bushy but still stretching slowly, I’m waiting a bit for her to get longer so its easier to LST. I did clip two fan leaves on top a few days ago to get more light under the canopy. Happy Growing!