1st ILGM LSD AF Grow

5th grow overall, 1st LSD AF.

7/25, 4 seeds soaking starts 9:30AM.


Good luck! I had some lsd25 auto from fast buds that was pretty great!

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7/25, 4 seeds soaking starts 9:30AM.

7/28, 100% germination and down into peat pods, placed under fluorescent lamp

7/29, 4 sprouts breaking thru.

7/30, 1 sprout dead. Replanted with 1 dry seed planted directly into peat pod for germination.:crossed_fingers:t2:

8/1, seed planted on 7/30 starting to come up so, transplanted 4 pods to final 5 gal fabric pots, watered, placed hygrometers, covered with domes. LED lights set on “veg”, conditions are +/- 88% RH @ 78F.

Grow medium is FF Happy Frog mixed with Nature’s Living Soil AF concentrate per directions to create “Super Soil”.
Made a few tweaks to the grow room, if interested ask.
All comments and questions encouraged and appreciated.

This will help you zero in your environment as you progress.

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Thanks, I will set my environmental conditions using this.

Should watch this video to better understand.

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Think you will really like the LSD auto. Easy grow with some good results

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@Docnraq thanks for the video link. It will help me to adjust conditions.
FYI, if you’re interested, I have a couple other journals in the forum that will help explain my grow room set up. I try to improve a little each grow. For example, this grow I’ve raised the pots off the floor about 1.5” to see if this will help oxygenation of the soil. I never water till run off simply due to my fear of over watering. 4 cups per plant every other day has seemed to work well in the past.
I have most the tools and I think a good closet setup for air exchange ventilation and movement. Dual 9” window fans exhausting warm air created by the LED lights above the lights and pulling AC cooled room air in the bottom across the pots and plants.

I removed the domes and hygrometers have settled out to +/- 78%RH @ 70F. I’ve got a little more adjusting to do.

I say if it aint broke, dont fix it. There are more then one way to skin this cat. That being said, overwatering isnt a singular act. Its a steady length of time where you never allow for a dry period. I not only water to runoff every single time I water, I also follow the FF flushing schedule so every few weeks I pour 15 gallons of phd water through my soil. Its hard work to overwater in cloth or airpots.
Using a super soil, watering to runoff not necessary. Not sure when you make FF a suoer soil though. Living soil will be a neat adventure I think.

I find this idea interesting. I also elevate my pots but its because my collection saucers are not wide enough to accomodate my airpots. The lil nubbs tilt the pot making the water rush to one side of the over the other.
I read somewhere that water grabs trapped oxygen in the topsoil pulling it down into the rootzone. You can increase the amount of this by tilling the topsoil with a fork or fingers prior to watering.

Your setup looks like it works well.

I am interested, please tag me in them