1st ILGM grow - Superskunk(fem)


Beautiful girls. Good job my friend!


For instance, here’s a tutorial on how I ‘tuck’ the leaves. For a FIM cut on the leaves to increase light, or whatever, they naturally fold like this:

So when tucking I do that first, then force the part where the leaf-parts meet downward until the leaf-tips straighten back out and have something to grab onto. sometimes if they are ‘stout’ I’ll attach a twist-tie first and dangle it down the middle first, to help secure it.

So notice on this post that you can just cycle between the 2 pics? Neat huh? :wink:


So I am completely and utterly selfish by sharing so much :rofl:


Thanks hon! What do you have going on? Tag me in!


Oh, and the ‘Florence’ update for NW SC - My new genny still does not have oil or gas in it, and I have had the most wonderful sporadic, gentle rain-showers with a lovely breeze. One thing the weather-guessers forgot to mention was that higher elevations knock the bottoms out of all those tropical systems.


Dropoing seeds today. A crystal, 2 bananna kush & a gorilla glue #4. Havent started journal yet but will in next few days. Always happy to have good company along so ill tag you as soon as i start. The crystal is my med girl. I make tinctures from her & im so happy they work!


I’m bored today so I may drop some of the blueberry auto seeds. Or I may just order a new strain and save those for another time. Thinking Maui Wowie.


My next order will be LSD. But since I have mucho-skunk, and I now have a GDP and a NL break from skunk with the replacement seeds, I still have many options. This is why I write stuff down on here as I think of it, and some never happens but some grows like a wildfire.

Unless I change my mind again, finally seeing some honest mixed reviews on the $$$Nectar$$$ line, I am going to use my free sample kit for one GDP, and the FF line for another GDP. Each mainlined to 8 colas. I will purchase extra portions of the NftG line if needed to complete the grow and give it an honest shot, but just more of the same basic stuff provided, not additional amendments.

For now…


I love these lights! It is like they make growing idiot-proof LOL.


I don’t know if they’re idiot proof, but they do grow awfully nice plants. A lot of that goes back to grower too. Nice work!


Thanks for the encouragement! I have a degree in education, and an inquisitive mind. This is my first ‘I’m buying seeds and doing this right’ grow, and was designed as a control. I think with the lights sorted, I’ll get one of those vent-fans to replace the 8" fan-on-a-bucket" to save space, and call the grow room done. Now I can experiment with a good controlled environment.


Alot of knowledgeable information thx.


I’m loving the NOTG. Kinda tedious with all the bottles but the growth is impressive. I also started doing foliage spraying with seltzer water a few times a day and I swear it’s caused some growth. Maybe it isn’t but who knows. It’s a cheap experiment


So she is going to keep putting out sugar leaves and top until the 5th week of flower? Damn!


They are loving the lights, your right on track for a beautiful harvest :ok_hand: wish i lived in the states, id have sooo many road trips :wink: :joy:


My alarm just went off for “almost lights out, check everything” :wink:


Thats dedication!!!


Actually it’s more ‘stoner-forgetfulness-prevention’, but you say potato, I say potato… wait. that’s the same.


It’s also for this!

Since I flipped, I think the only “stretch” I have seen is in bud-growth. Every top goes down at least 3" with hairy goodness :wink:


Looks way different right?