1st ILGM grow - Superskunk(fem)





Last day in the light.


And while it looks like a lot of white pistils, I don’t care. all the trichomes are white, and her leaves are losing sugar from the deficiencies.


Hopefully this means that the GDP will get what they need, when they need it, and go full cycle.


I had an apostrophe! :wink:

Part of the dark thing is to shock the plants, make them do something different. If I wait until tonight, let the lights go out normally, then just don’t turn them on tomorrow - it’s tomorrow before she even notices anything.!

Sooooo As of noon Nancy is in the dark. First shock? Immediate! :question: “Hey! WTF dude?!? Where’s my light???”

Then tomorrow comes :angry: “OK, this is getting serious now. I thought you were just joking” :rage:



Hey @Wildwest. Seems the UK is really getting good :slight_smile: I’ll just put this out there, but you already know I’ll black-market you all the meme’s you want - cheap - since they have been banned there.

The calorie ban may require more thought, Because I don’t know if a delivery pizza from here would make it there in good shape :rofl:


Forgot to mention that as well as darkness, the exhaust fan is still on, and the oscillator is blowing directly on the buds. Less chance of mold since the humididity is higher in the dark, and more stress


Monday at noon will be 48 hrs, but I’ll probably stretch this to Tuesday Morning.


Its a laughing stock i tell you, Great Britain? More like F**ked Britain!!


Didn’t the people vote for BREXIT, and the gub’mint basically said “LOL, we don’t like that idea, let’s do nothing and vote again”


The thing about darkness before harvest is the plant store nutrients into the root zone in the dark, so a dark period and chopping in the dark is recommended to make sure nutrients are not in these beautiful flowers!

Very nice plant man!


Can’t wait to see what it smells like. The buds I snipped at the new moon (on the 9th) just went in to cure, and smell like juicyfruit gum.


Today is the big day and I am getting everything set up. I RO’d 10 gallons of water - 5 for peroxide and 5 for the rinse. I am mainly doing this as a preventive measure since the buds are fat, less chance of them developing mold as they dry. Unless I see anything coming off of them other than cat-hair or dust (like a sheen) each one will just soak for a minute in the h2o2 and I’ll look for any bubbles. I have 2 dishpans, so I’ll mix up the whole 5gal with h2o2, but just use a gallon or two at a time of each, and skim or dump as needed.
Anyway, here’s the procedure I’m using.

Chop and trim each limb of any and all leaves, pulling apart buds to get to stems etc.
Weigh each before washing (tag)!
Wash each, let soak for a minute
Rinse in plain water,
Hang to dry in front of fan.

The reason I see for weighing before hand is to get them back down to the original weight before taking the fan off them. I also found that the occasional jiggle, and lightly touching a paper towel to the bottom to absorb excess moisture helps.


Enjoy the process my friend. I wish I could say I was working on the same thing today. But alas, it’s Monday and I have to go earn my paycheck.

Oh and FYI, the second fan type isn’t going to work for me, I love it, it’s reliable and oscillates beautiful. The issue is, it has no fail safe. When you lose power, it doesn’t come back on. Rather, since I have my fans on a timer but also loose power momentarily from time to time, when power source goes dark and comes back, the fan starts in the default position of OFF rather than the latest selected value.

The issue with the click buttons vs the physical knob that has a different position for ON/OFF.

Ugh, damn shame too, cause I like this fan very much. Perhaps I can open it up and find a way to default her to ON. We shall see.


It says it has a battery back up. make sure and read. I wasn’t worried about that so I didn’t.


4 hours from this

to this


That is before the wash, they’re hanging with fans on them now.
Actually couldn’t pick the top out of the lineup without looking close. But the final tally post-trim was 77.2g for the top alone

and 560g total.
If it loses 80% of the weight, 4oz.
75% would be 5oz
I predict closer to 5 just because of the denseness. 5 of the remaining 15 limbs between 45g and 61g.