1st ILGM grow - Superskunk(fem)


I’m wondering if some of the soil mix recipes out there don’t create a homemade Miracle-No… Epsom salt was in my mix, and that always seemed odd to me.


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Lol @SmoknGranny I was about to post same thing lol


Lol I’m glad I’m not the only one reading regular gardening sites. :hugs:


and @BigDaddyCain, I’m not actually questioning the particular additive, but the fact that miracle grow is a concoction of stuff as well. When I looked at the contents on the FFOF, it already has many of the things in the soil recipes - so you may be adding unnecessary ingredients, or too much of them, if you aren’t a dirt-chemist.

I think I’d rather buy a pre-mixed starter soil to get them growing, then add stuff as needed.

Bacon is good. If I ate as much as I wanted it would be bad. LOL


Since the July 4th baby survived, and a “Thing 2” doesn’t really make sense now, I’m going with “Nancy” (Hart) - American patriot.


Dropping another seed, but I’ll have to come up with a temporary veg area to let it get to flower-ready because I think Nancy will be there a few weeks ahead.
Here’s the victim. looks like it had decent roots, but I think that downward curve is where the taproot came out of the pellet and got dry. Looks like the length of that root get’s to the edge of the large pellets, and stops.


@Drillbit @Covertgrower @Sirsmokes @Wildwest @BigDaddyCain @dbrn32 @PurpNGold74 @SmoknGranny @latewood, and anyone else that cares to chime in. I was getting set up to try cloning, and I have a bag of those “Root Riot” starter cubes. Has anyone used these for germination? Or are there any warnings against trying?

It says they’re peat, so I am thinking similar to (and maybe better?) than Jiffy pellets?

Sorry to tag everyone, but I have 24hrs to decide.


Sorry I haven’t used those I use rapid rooters usually but this tI’m I just stuck them into coco
I also use clone rooting gel and cloned nutrients for rooting


I had success with those with a mini rose cutting. Also tried with corn seeds. But I just used my soil mix for my Sassy clone and it worked fine.


I’ve never used that brand @Whodat66. Got a pic you can show us?


Not sure, haven’t used them.



They came with a cheapo cloning set-up. So I also have the dome, but it’s probably too big for one plant. I have a jiffy pellet soaking as well.


I don’t see why they wouldn’t work just as well as the jiffy pellets. Personally, I’m gonna buy some of jiffys natural & organic starter mix and use @Mrcrabs aloe cloning method next. I think the rooting powder I have has lost its effectiveness. It’s over 10 years old.


I think I’ll try it. They are pre-moistened in the bag, and all the reviews I read (after the fact) are good. Thanks!


These are the same as rapid rooters. I’ve used extensively and have always had almost 100% success rate. I’ve always used the clonex spray and gel to help things along. They won’t have any roots, so the spray will be a great way to keep them alive until they develop roots. @Whodat66
Stay away from the jiffy pellets. Mold issues, and moisture control is a huge issue.


I don’t have any spray, is that a necessity? My “starter kit” came with some gel I could put in the rooter if needed. Or could that just be mixed with water for a spray? It just came with a little foil pack (maybe an oz), so before I actually try cloning I’ll get a fresh jar anyway.

Also, the issues you mentioned make sense. I got these pellets over a year ago, so there’s no telling.


Does anyone have a recommended set of nutrients? I am not looking for a “monster” crop, just the right stuff at the right time for a good crop.


Ok those will work but put some fox farm or ocean frog soil in it do t use miracle grow ever it’s not the nuits in it that make it to hot it is the way it is released when u water your plants will never get plain water and it need that some time and when you try to flush mg it has a slow release in nuits and you never get a flush