1st ILGM grow - Superskunk(fem)

Strain - ILGM Superskunk (Fem) order #301720
Soil mix in pots (Top layer Happy Frog, bottom layer FFOF)
AC kept at 73 (36x30 closet grow inside)
Light system, size - Philozon 1200w (305 true watts) w/ veg-bloom &
MarsHydro 300w (132 true)
Ventilation system - 4" 190 cfm ducted exhaust with filter and rheostat
Co2 - No

Updated because the soil mix killed a plant and went away.

Germinated in shot glass of filtered water with a drop of peroxide until cracked.
Wet paper towel until small taproot (about 1/4 inch so it doesn’t break, just want to point it in the right direction)
Inserted taproot into Root Riot rapid-rooter cloning pod.

Solo cup and top half of fabric pot are Happy Frog soil
Bottom half of pot FFOF

Using the 6-pack of Fox Farms nutrients (pictured somewhere below) and using the nutrients exactly per mfg. instructions for first grow.


I’m watching. You got a head start!! Lol

Yeah, but I’ve had 5 seed defy me so far :wink:

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Here’s the room, surrounded on all sides by air conditioned space. When I ran the vent into the attic I piled up extra blown insulation over the closet :slight_smile:


I love it. Perfect setup!

If I had an attic, I’d do the same thing with my closet! Lol

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I love having my own house. There’s a 2x4 and plywood floor over the carpet, then vinyl over that, and about an inch higher in the back for drainage.

I need to get some sort of brackets mounted on the wall (like adjustable shelving) then rig up a SCROG net to fit it.

Oh, and I just dropped a seed in a shot glass this morning. I was hoping to grow three, but I think fate was telling me no. So 2 and a fan in that space.


Sweet! Your gonna get a huge harvest with that much space! Can’t wait to watch it fill up with green. What kind of light you have hanging there?

Nm. I see it listed up top.

I will eventually wind up getting either a second viparspectra or go with a qb 3000k setup around Christmas.

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So, change of plans! I rotated the bowl, and if that is the taproot she ain’t getting much water.


Fixed it :slight_smile:


That’s what I was gonna suggest do. Lol. I don’t like for the roots to be exposed.

It was the exact same size since yesterday evening. Glad I saw it.

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Me too. Good catch.

Regarding your lighting questions. I have an old Marshydro 300w (132w) light that wasn’t enough for my last grow. I supercropped it to spread it out, then surrounded it with double-bulb light sockets with CFL’s. I may try to add it to my closet if this one isn’t enough.

My point? LED’s are new, as are the newer tech based off that idea. If you want ideas, look at some ooooold High Times articles on how to grow weed :wink:

If you want to spend cash on “the best”, wait until you have the cash, and the best will have changed 6 times.


They are new, but I could also argue that for the same energy utilized, you get more lumens per watt than any old school grow light.
Meaning for that same dollar you spend on electricity you get more light.
There are tons of LED’s on the market that work well from a budget standpoint, and are affordable. Citizen is just one example that makes a great COB, that are affordable and produce a lot of light efficiently. If you can put it together yourself, you can save a lot of money that way. It’s just matching a driver with the proper amount of LED’s.


Love super skunk a great grower super tough and make for a great balanced stone


Hint: I have 3 LED’s, each one cheap, each one better than the last. Not saying they aren’t good and getting better - but weed existed long before LED’s or “quantum platinum psychedelic multi-dimensional magic-lights”, or whatever - just sayin’ :slight_smile: If you have no money, where there’s a will, there’s a way :slight_smile:


So what lights do you all think I could get for around 100$ that would improve my yield and potency for flowering stage?