1st hydro grow using waterfarm top drip

I will try to send pics but my phone’s camera is not working so what I will do is I will have someone my girl take pictures for me and send them to me so that way I can send them to you guys at UIC I’m also having some issues with my nutrients I think it’s a nutrient burn or a nutrient deficiency but I can’t quite put my finger on which one it is I checked my pH balance to make sure that my pee is bright my pH is fine but maybe you could be the temperature of a letter I’ve raised my light so that way they wouldn’t be so close to my c because I thought that maybe that might be a reason to but there’s some different type of spotting on my plants that shouldn’t be there during veg and I’m thinking that I might have a a phosphorus or potassium deficiency in my vegetable age which is uncommon right?

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Also I’m having trouble controlling the humidity my humidity is too lowest at 50% 53% for the veg stage I think that is supposed to be a little higher in my correct but I’m having trouble raising the humidity any suggestions

A humidifier would probly b ur best bet brother

What nutrients are you using and how much @Firsttimer2 when I had the controller bucket set up the pH was fluctuating in each individual bucket but fine in the controller bucket which caused deficiency issues in some plans but not others that is why I am asking about individual buckets. If the flimsy stem is from damping off there’s not much you can do, if it’s from nutrients splashing on it you can cut a small piece of drinking straw length wise and put it on the stem which will keep the plant standing hopefully and stop any further damage from splashing