1st hydro grow using waterfarm top drip


she looking good took off a few dead leaves change res again on saturday


she starting to grow thru the net res change today to start 2nd week of flower


How many days since light flip?
Not flower , but light flip…?
You should lower that net and smash her down and push that weight… she will be fine…
Top everything right now… v - buds… fatties… :wink:


Today is day 7 since light flip thoght of puching net down but wouldnt have room to fill or exchange res

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We need to get you setup , with an easier setup… lol … :grin:
Lookin good tho…

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You need to be able monitor and change everything out without disturbing your plants… :wink:

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There is tube on the side so i can check ph levels and temp also water level maybe i could just drain it thru tube but that could take forever

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I did a blackberry kush ScrOG one plant filled a five by five tent by elevating the bucket and draining from that blue hose on the side of the bucket so that would work and it didn’t take long to empty out @Evile


Split her stem on accident the other day she looks to b ok res chamge yesterday


Pretty and grren, beautiful


I screwed her up yall and got hermies thanks everyone for tge help and support ill b at it again soon


Sorry to hear that @Evile I was looking forward to seeing your harvest


If that is your only plant, there is no reason not to continue to grow it and just pull flowers

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Anyone use purewaterclub, I’ve always bought my RO + DI for fish and house uses through them. Don’t fall for some of the labels, they essentially all do the same thing. It’s all about the filters. Anyways they have some cheap RO units there that might surprise some.