1st hydro grow using waterfarm top drip


You can remove leaves any time (I guess up for debate) but from my experience


last week of veg switching to 12/12 next week


I am very happy with my GH waterfarm RDWC. Your girl looks great! Good work :grimacing::ok_hand:


Yes your doing good job but wait longer to switch get some weight to her


building scrog screen now flip to flower sat or sun


she sprouted 1 month ago need to get the screen on her but happy overall for my 1st grow now just to see her through


Looking good gonna get some nice colas off her


Appreciate it @Lostscuba hope i get few grams from her not expecting much since its my first time but we will see


I just got 5 ounces off 4 plants are you using led or ballast hold out as long as u can you could get lots off one plant just gotta do it right


Looking good @Evile I am sure what you get from her will be weighed in oz. Not grams👍


I got 230+ grams from one WWA using a GH waterfarm. You will get more than a few grams :grimacing::ok_hand:


From what i know its 600w ballast using mh for veg flipping to hps and 12/12 light cycle tomorrow


Your good then big colas coming soon that’s what I use now


she just woke up


If you decide to grow more with hydroponics there is a system called stealth ro 150 or 300 for purifying water it’s a cupple hundred bucks but will save you money in the long run if you are buying water ( she will probably be drinking a gallon a day in flower)


Thank you @Gardenguy i will always b using hydro so that is something definitely lookin into


Switched out res getting screen down and she gna take a nice nap til tomorrow morning starting 12\12 today


got screen down hope i did it right


Not related to growing but my chiefs need to get shit right and here a pic of my girl

happy growing amd go chiefs


Growing fast I’m might have to try that screen thing holds up all the weight