1st hydro grow using waterfarm top drip


Thats where the roots live with the way this system is designed im guessing its the general hydroponic waterfarm drip irrigation said it was thier popular model think i got screwed


image Show me is it this ???


you mite have to zoom in @Lostscuba but its the tan color bucket


Yea I got couple of those the buckets cost more then the the little stuff not including light I Oder that one I showed you 230 bucks amazon self feeding water circulation


Damn a little to steep for me right now but u think its too late to transfer to a dwc or am i better off keepibg her where she at


Merry christmas to everyone and jyst a quick update the root found its way thru a hole so ill b running dwc


I grow using those buckets and they have worked great for me! I do suggest putting the ring at a angle down in the clay pellets so that it drops in the pellets instead of on top. That will prevent splashing on the stem also it will prevent it from being moved past the edge of the bucket and dripping all the nutrients on the floor of your tent.


Thank you @Gardenguy what is a good water schedule i know roots are in water but feel its good to have the water recirculate any advice would b appreciated


Other things I do with water farm buckets if you’re interested @Evile .drill extra holes for roots

I also drill holes in top rim for l.s.t.


Awesome @Gardenguy i drilled a few extra holes definitely gonna do the top also thanks again


@Gardenguy - great idea! I am drilling mine after this grow!


That little setup is good tho u can get a big enough plant in there just make a bucket system @Evile good luck I kinda got jewed but u got stuff to add to now I seen a ten bucket system crazy


Bury that rockwool completely pr algae will grow pn lt


Check out green envy EBB and FLOW system its not bad price and one of the best


Already got buckets system plus this little bi…h but I will check it out you got something growing yet??


just started 2nd week of nutes


It will blow up I find when the lights off the 6 hours it grows in the dark I just set my bucket system up for my purple Moroc


When is it ok to cut the initial fan leaves off the plant the 3 finger ones


Not tell they turn yellow the plant will let u know tuck them away the are the sun suckers it will jump up cuz you topped it


is it ok to remove some lower fan leaves that are shaded and damaged so plant can focus energy elsewhere